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Acrobatics (DX/Hard) is a skill that provides the ability to perform gymnastic stunts, roll, take falls, etc. (B174.)

Two special versions of Acrobatics are also available, Aerobatics and Aquabatics.

It is referenced in Basic Set, p. 375, on its use for Acrobatic Dodge; in Dungeon Fantasy 3, pp. 7-8, on "Dungeon Parkour," p. 12, on its use in combat, and p. 19, on circumventing traps; Martial Arts,p. 54, on its use in various techniques, maneuvers, and so on, pp. 105-106, on Acrobatic Movement, pp. 107 and 131, on Acrobatic Attack, p. 51, on Acrobatic Feints Skill Adaptation perk and Acrobatic Kicks Skill Adaptation perk, p. 65, on Acrobatic Stand technique, and p. 98, on Acrobatic Stand as a Change Posture maneuver; and Space, p. 224, on an optional new specialty for zero-gravity use.


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