Appearance is a physical trait that may be an advantage, a disadvantage, or a 0-point feature. At its extreme ends, it may not be suitable for normal human characters. Appearance has the special options Androgenous and Impressive, the special enhancement Universal, and the special limitation Off-the-Shelf Looks. It is described in Basic Set, p. 21, and is referenced GURPS Dungeon Fantasy™ 2:Dungeons, p. 15, on bargaining with merchants; GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3: The Next Level, pp. 5 and 14-15, in racial templates; GURPS Fantasy™, p. 128, on its affect on other races; and GURPS Space, p. 221, again on its affect on other races.

Note: 3e Appearance had different point totals.

Levels of AppearanceEdit

  • Horrific: -24 points
  • Hideous: -16 points
  • Ugly: -8 points
  • Unattractive: -4 points
  • Average: default
  • Attractive: 4 points.
  • Handsome (or Beautiful): 12 points.
  • Very Handsome (or Very Beautiful): 16 points.
  • Transcendent: 24 points

Special OptionsEdit

  • Androgynous (requires Handsome\Beautiful or higher): appeals to both sexes.
  • Impressive (requires Attractive or higher): exceptional physical presence that is not sexual.

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