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Archaeology (IQ/Hard) is the skill regarding the study of ancient civilizations.

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Historical Note[edit | edit source]

In the real world Archaeology depends a great deal on Anthropology and parts of Geology (like stratigraphy) and has had various forms:

  • Antiquarianism: effectively a treasure hunter of material from previous historical cultures rather then a "proper" Archaeologist. Heinrich Schliemann fits into this category.
  • Evolutionary Archaeology: an evolutionary approach to Archaeology. Can be racist.
  • Culture-historical archaeology: some times also called Boasian Archaeology this viewed every culture as unique. Marked by an exhaustive description of a site noting ever minor detail but providing next to no interpretation. Howard Carter largely falls into this category
  • Processual archaeology: marked the effective merging of archaeology and anthropology resulting in such sub fields as Historical anthropology.

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References[edit | edit source]

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