Attributes are the basic characteristics of a GURPS character.

Basic AttributesEdit

Defined page 14 of Basic Set: Characters and page 4 of GURPS Lite

Secondary AttributesEdit

Defined on the next few pages, along with information on Size Modifiers, Wealth, Tech Levels, and other basic statistics.

  • Hit Points [HP]: normally equivalent to ST (±2 points per ±1 HP)
  • Will: normally equivalent to IQ (±5 points ±1 Will)
  • Perception: normally equivalent to IQ (±5 points ±1 Perception)
  • Fatigue Points [FP]: normally equivalent to HT (±3 points ±1 FP).
  • Basic Speed: normally (HT+DX)/4 (±5 points per ±0.25 Speed)
  • Basic Move: normally Basic Speed less all fractions (±5 points per ±1 yard/second)

Meaning of attributesEdit

The below table assumes a human. For nonhumans, read each point above or below the human norm of 10 as a 10% deviation from the racial norm instead.

Attribute Score general meaning details
6 or less Crippling An attribute this bad severely constrains a lifestyle.
7 Poor Your limitations are immediately obvious to anyone who meets you. This is the lowest score you can have and still pass for “ablebodied.”
8 or 9 Below average Such scores are limiting, but within the human norm. The GM may forbid attributes below 8 to active adventurers.
10 Average Most humans get by just fine with a score of 10.
11 or 12 Above average These scores are superior, but within the human norm
13 or 14 Exceptional Such an attribute is immediately apparent – as bulging muscles, feline grace, witty dialog, or glowing health – to those who meet the person
15 or 16 Amazing An attribute this high draws constant comment and probably guides the person's career choices
17 or 18. Legendary historical “bests” and remarkable fictional heroes
19 or 20 Mythic astounding even among great heroes in fiction and folklore
21+ Superhuman off-limits to humans, barely suitable for great heroes, okay for deities

FAQ: What do attribute levels of zero mean?

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