Various house rules for use with GURPS

  • Short House Rules: The GURPS Wiki page on short single rules rather than the campaign-setting rules of the other links on this page. Includes new Disadvantages.
  • File:Gurps Magi Nation bestiary.pdf: A fantasy bestiary for GURPS using the Magi-Nation creatures. Currently an ongoing process. GURPS is notorious for not having any (good) fantasy bestiary sourcebook, leaving GMs with the arduous task of creating hundreds of monsters on their own. This, it turns out, results on no one creating none at all, and focusing mostly on human opponents. This work aims at alleviating this need a little. The Magi-Nation creatures were chosen because all of them have good pictures, and they are wildly different from any other creature present in traditional bestiaries (like D&D ones).
  • File:Gurps-Vampires.pdf: An alternate rule for playing with vampire characters in GURPS. It was created aiming at fantasy settings and references many different myths and stories to create the vampire powers and abilities, not only the usual "Bram Stoker / Anne Rice" mythos.
  • File:Gurps-StarWars.pdf: A house-made system for playing the Star Wars genre in GURPS. Includes rules for force users, lightsaber tuning, starship combat, Jedi fighting style, cybernetic implants and genetic modifications.
  • The Rules of Time Travel: the Grandfather Paradox, the Law of Conservation of Reality, the Infinite Monkeys Rule and a suggested new Advantage for time travellers.
  • Unusual Backgrounds:A system for deciding how much players should pay for the Unusual Background advantage.
  • File:GURPS-Ferreiros.pdf GURPS Master Blacksmiths (portuguese) Rules for master blacksmiths in fantasy settings, able to create quality items which rival many enchanted objects. In portuguese.
  • File:GURPS-navios.pdf Ships and naval combat in GURPS (portuguese) Simplified rules for building and managing ships, and alternate rules for naval combat in GURPS. In portuguese.

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