Cost: 50 points

Clairsentience is a mental, supernatural advantage where you can displace all of your ranged senses to a point outside your body. (Basic Set 42)

Limitations: Clairaudience (-30%), Clairosmia (-60%), Clairvoyance (-10%), ESP (-10%), and Visible (-10%).

Clairsentience is referenced in GURPS Powers on these pages:

  • P. 17, as a mental power
  • Pp. 44-45, as a super-power, and intruducing the special enhancements Aware, Projection, and Second Nature
  • P. 64, on interaction with the Obscure advantage
  • P. 163, on its use in enhancing skills
  • P. 197, on its potential as a plot-stopper in adventures

Kromm QuotesEdit

Sean Punch has commented on Clairsentience in the following posts to the SJG GURPS Forums:

  • On using it to augment Telekinesis in April 2006 [1]
    • Blindness limits Telekinesis (TK) no more and no less than it does any other ranged ability. You can aim TK blind, at the usual -6 or so. You can use it with compensatory senses, such as Scanning Sense or Vibration Sense. Or you can learn Blind Fighting. However, TK doesn't give you remote tactile feedback for free; like any other character, if you want that, you must buy Clairsentience. Also, note that Blindness is a -50-point disadvantage. I'm not sure why on earth TK would not be subject to its drawbacks when hands and Innate Attack blasts are.
  • On its interaction with Obscure as a magical ability in November 2006 [2]
    • Clairsentience will foil Wizard Eye and so on.
  • On its range in 2007 [3]
    • Clairsentience and TK are just examples of "no range modifiers" plus "limited range." They're not really a special case at all.


The big advantage of Projection, +0% on Clairsentience is that you can roam around invisible and insubstantial, and use your abilities – all of them – on anything else that's insubstantial. In effect, you trade a somewhat vulnerable physical state for Affects Insubstantial on everything you've got. If that isn't a good deal in your campaign world because, aside from yourself, there aren't any insubstantial entities . . . well, get the +140% version. Now you can go around cursing people in the material world from your invisible, insubstantial vantage.

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