This is Classic material. Some conversion will be needed to use with 4e,
some of which may have been done for you.

Fantasy Adventures.jpg

GURPS Fantasy Adventures was a book of four adventures for a fantasy themed setting. It has been split into the four adventures for its PDFs.

Fighters of the Purple Rage

A hard-hitting bounty hunt that pits the characters against battle-hardened escaped gladiators in the Megalos underground.

Lost Inheritance

A magical trip into the Darkland – a place of strange creatures and untold dangers. Not only do the PCs have the task of the inheritance and collect the reward but they are opposed by darkhounds and an obsessed apprentice mage.

Sahudese Fire Drill

"Tired of the same old adventures? Here's a change of pace. Babysit a hundred screaming Sahudese while their clan leader visits Megalos to make a silk deal. All the players have to do is keep them healthy and happy – while they turn the city upside-down..."

Mordag's Little Finger

It's time to visit the Bad Side of Town. In this adventure, the party attempts to track down a clever master thief through the back alleys of the worst neighborhood in the city – Northside, where a meeting could get you choice information . . . or land you in the morgue.