Refplace's Chalice World

Commonwealth Martial Styles (Human)

The Commonwealth is a very large nation composed of several city states and smaller groupings that occasionally fight among each other. However, things are pretty stable and most conflicts are with bandits and raiding monsters. The borders do need defending but rather than invading armies they are defended from small (though often powerful) groups. As a civilized nation few wear armor, with leather being the toughest armor for most civilians, especially in town. Weapons therefore tend to focus on speed, parrying ability, and light weight over the heavy damage needed to penetrate armor.

Board and Blade [3]

Board and Blade is probably the most prolific style and concentrates on small unit fighting with high mobility often being required. Practitioners wear little armor, leather or chain and rely on shields and agility for defense and attacks that rely on speed and precision over power. It is taught by both the military and mercenary groups.

Dashing Fox [4]

While most soldiers learn efficient and practical methods of combat there are people who perhaps have more ego than sense. Aristocrats and young dilettantes often favor flash and daring over more cautious approaches - relying on their social status to keep risks low.

Dashing Fox is a popular swashbuckling style that is popular because its flashy but has underlying practicality, at least in certain circumstances. There is at least one school in every city, often more than one and friendly rivalries are the norm. Members are expected to promote their school and bring positive recognition to it.  Duels are a common way to show off skills, though duels to the death are frowned upon. Helping other schools is considered polite, especially against rifraf- though good natured ribbing will fallow.

The Flynn School [4]

This is a highly acrobatic and flashy style, favored by young nobles and sailors. While not quite as popular as the Dashing Fox style it has schools in most cities. It is less individualistic and more cohesive in tradition so members fight very similar to each other. Some learn to use an off hand weapon such as the Main-Gauche but the preference is to keep the off hand free to help with acrobatic moves.

The Three Swords School [5]

This is a practical hard hitting style that focuses on sword mastery. Its unusual in focusing on multiple sword skills, but stylists are well able to fight at different reaches and circumstances. Practitioners are also taught endurance and toughness in body and mind. Students are also taught how to maintain and repair their weapons.

The Watch [5]

This is a standardized style taught to the town watch. It focuses on effective and quick combat, typically against lightly armored foes. Training also incorporates peace keeping skills and even the ability to communicate with local spirits!

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