Cultural Adaptability is the name of both a 4e and depreciated 3e advantage.

Cultural Adaptability (4e)Edit

Cost: 10 or 20 points

Cultural Adaptability is a mental, mundane advantage, described in Basic Set, p. 46 that comes in two levels:

  • Cultural Adaptability (10 points)
  • Xeno-Adaptability (20 points).

It is referenced in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2: Dungeons™, p. 10, on negotiating with monsters, and GURPS Space, p. 219, on distinctions between the two levels of the advantage in a space campaign.

Cultural Adaptability (3e)Edit

Can be emulated with Charisma 1 [5], Language Talent [10], and Smooth Operator 1 [15], for a total cost of 30 points.

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