Crossroads-4e, 1942
Current Affairs
Weird War II rages, while supers come out of the shadows.
Divergence Point
Unknown, but based on archaeological evidence, clearly prior to recorded history. Seems to have fairly high historical inertia, so far.

Major Civilizations

Western (multipolar); Orthodox (empire with rivals); Islamic (multipolar); Chinese (empire); Japanese (unitary); Indic (empire)
Great Powers

United Kingdom (representative democracy with oligarchic tendencies, CR3); Germany (dictatorship, CR6); Italy (dictatorship, CR5); Japan (oligarchic dictatorship, CR5); Soviet Union (dictatorship, CR6); United States (representative democracy with oligarchic tendencies, CR3 for whites, CR4 for non-whites in the North, CR5 for non-whites in the South)

Worldline Data
Tech Level (6+1)^/7-9[1]; Cythereans (Venus) 9^
Mana Level primarily No mana, with rare variations[2]
Quantum 7
Infinity Class Undiscovered
Centrum Zone Undiscovered

(Disclaimer: This is a fanwork from the Steve Jackson Games forums and not part of the GURPS canon.)

The Dieselpunk Earth (formal name Crossroads-4e) of Five Earths, All in a Row


Dieselpunk Earth has many Wold Newton elements making it a myth parallel with people with the same names and similar appearance to Golden Age DC[3] and Timely (now Marvel) comics and pulp characters but very different details.

For example, Superman not anywhere as powerful as the Superman in the 1942 comics and has already met two versions of the Legion of Superheroes of the 30th century (something that didn't happen until in the comics until April 1958 with Adventure Comics #247). His Krypton orbited Gamma Crucis 88.6 light-years for earth while the Krypton of the comics and in other media has been in several different locations (including our own solar system, possibly being akin to a Counter-Earth!)

It should be mentioned that this world is also missing people and things that existed on Infopunk Earth:

  • The Sax Rohmer Fu Manchu novels don't exist though something similar to them does.

Major EventsEdit

  • 1941, June 13 - Japan declares a ceasefire and seeks peace with the Allies.
  • 1941, June 24 - Hitler dead (assassinated?) and is replaced by Martin Bormann.
  • 1941, June 28 - Martin Bormann dies mysteriously and is replaced by Heinrich Himmler
  • 1941, Oct 10 - Himmler assassinated and is replaced by Paul Joseph Goebbels
  • 1942, June 23 - Goebbels is killed by Allied bombing and is replaced by Hermann Göring
  • 1942, Aug 10 - Göring is assassinated by the Red Skull who takes over as Führer.


Flavor textsEdit

These are similar to the flavor text that some chapters of many GURPS books have.

Related materialEdit


  1. The borrowed (familiar) technology is coming from Dieselpunk's Krypton and Infopunk Earth
  2. Magic here is Psi based.
  3. This includes comics/characters that were bought by DC after 1942