Martial training in the Dwarven Federation is primarily from military service, though civil service and specialist schools do exist. Training focuses on formation fighting in large tight groups, primarily underground.

Granite Guard [5]

This is the standard dwarven soldier style,focusing on effective shield use. As primary front line fighters they are expected to take a pounding, hold the line as long as possible, then get right back up and do it again.

Duel Mastery

This is considered an advanced and somewhat showy style and users have typically already mastered a style such as Dwarven Guard (uses Spear). It is favored by officers who typically wont be part of a shield wall anymore and often in a flanking position where they may get attacked. It is also useful for disciplining soldiers without lethal force (using the blunt edges in staff form).

Silver Guard [4]

This is the style town guards are trained in to patrol and protect the town. It utilizes non lethal weapons to capture drunkards and other miscreants.

Thunder and Lightning [4]

An elite style that combines expertise with the sling and Sigil Magic to create deadly rains of stones. They guard battlements and work on team patrols and merchant escorts, but their primary function is to back up the shield walls. Slngs are typically normal, though Dart Slings (GURPS Low Tech, p. 76) are often used for hunting and Staff Slings are very unusual. Sigil magic is also used to enhance the kusari, though this sees less use in formation fighting.

Non Dwarven Styles

Stones Breath [4]

Created and almost exclusively possessed by stonekeepers Stones Breath is a very cinematic and Chi based style.  It relies heavily on Ki powers (what others may call Chi) to account for stonekeepers low strength and innate abilities. It is compatible with the Elemental Martial Arts, but few bother to learn both.

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