Default: DX-5, Acrobatics-5

Erotic Art (DX/Average) represents general knowledge of advanced sexual technique


Details about dealing with other species are given on GURPS Space. Thaumatology Chinese Elemental Powers talks about dealing with using the skill to transfer Chi in cinematic campaigns on p. 19


Character Templates Edit

Erotic Art appears in the following character templates:

  • Bouncer, the Face in Pyramid 3/42 Noir p. 16
  • Courtesan, in Fantasy, p. 214
  • Wardancer, in Fantasy, p. 126
  • Sorcerer, in Dragon p. 156
  • Priests of Love, in Dungeon Fantasy 7 Clerics p. 19
  • Holy Warriors of Love and Fertility, in Dungeon Fantasy 7 Clerics p. 20
  • Rubberman, in Supers p. 51
  • Sifu, in Supers p. 52
  • Jungle Princess lens of the Tribal Chief template, in Land Out of Time p. 15-16
  • Manipulator, in Psis p. 14-15
  • Rogue, in GURPS Traveller Interstellar Wars, p. 153
  • Femme Fatale, in Pyramid 3/8 Cliffhangers p. 7

Racial Templates Edit

Erotic Art appears in the following racial templaes:

  • Romantic Vampire, in Horror p. 65
  • Succubus, in Horror p. 66
  • Incubus Variant of Tianyi in Transhuman Space Changing Times p. 49
  • Berahi in Pyramid 3/62 Transhuman Space II p. 36


Trangenic TraitsEdit

GURPS Bio-Tech 45 gives a bonus to the skill from Prehensile Tongue