Evaluate is a maneuver that allows one to study an adversary to gain a combat bonus on a subsequent attack.[1] It is the melee combat equivalent of Aim,

Quick Reference

  • Movement: Step.
  • Active Defense Any. This does not spoil your evaluation.

Dropped guard


13 - You drop your guard. All your active defenses are at -2 for the next turn, and any Evaluate bonus or Feint penalty against you until your next turn counts double! This is obvious to nearby opponents.

Optional Rules

GURPS Martial Arts

  • Countering Feints and Deceptive Attacks: when used this way Evaluate "can never give a net bonus" only nullify penalties[2]
  • Beat: batter down an enemy’s guard in preparation for an attack. It must target one particular defense, can only used with a ready melee attack, and requires the Feint maneuver.[3]
  • Ruse: getting a foe to lower his guard through clever tactics rather than deftness (a feint) or sheer power (a Beat). It still requires the Feint maneuver.[4]
  • Defensive Feint: use a feint (including a Beat or a Ruse) to make it harder for an enemy to attack instead of weakening their defenses.[5]
  • Spotting Feints: all feints and Ruses are declared when executed but the Quick Contest is rolled before the attack it would affect. If styles exist then Style Familiarity with all the styles of the opponent reduces the defense penalty by -1

FAQ Can I stack the bonus from the Evaluate, Feint, All-Out-Attack and Deceptive Attack maneuvers?
Yes. Theoretically, you could Evaluate, then use the bonus on your Feint, then make a Deceptive Attack. Your opponent would roll against his normal defense, minus the level by which you won the Feint, minus half the penalty you took for your Deceptive Attack.
If using All-Out-Attack, you could Feint and Deceptive Attack on the same turn, or you could take the +4 on your Feint, or could take an additional -4 to your Deceptive Attack (for a further -2 to Defense), or use the +4 to hit a more interesting hit location (like the neck at -5).

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