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B356 introduces in 4e was a 1991 expansion from Jumping and Lifting to also include Running and Throwing, as well as Generic Extra Effort and Extra Effort in Combat (inc Extra Effort in Active Defense and MA expansion)

Powers[edit | edit source]

P160 expands with Stunts

Designer notes[edit | edit source]

Sean Punch in designer notes mentioned:

Another common option is a reduction to the FP cost to use the power's abilities under the right conditions.

This lowers all FP expenditures for any reason: regular use, extra effort, stunts, and anything else the GM comes up with.

This is conditional Reduced Fatigue Cost, which is a basic +20% per level, so FP reduction is +16%/level if Very Common, +12%/level if Common, +8%/level if Occasional, or +4%/level if Rare.

Note that this is very powerful, because it allows the user to use extra effort for free in some situations.

Power-Ups[edit | edit source]

GURPS Power-Ups 3 (Talents) mentions:

  • pg 13 under Natural Athlete
  • pg 14 under Pickaxe Penchant
  • pg 18 Alternative Benefits overview

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PK[edit | edit source]

Note to below: Stunts Only is a limitation for ER valued at -10% on P119 and applies both to stunts AND to extra effort. PK's pricing the discount higher for Will is likely because Will has more multifaceted use than FP does.


Originally Posted by Molokh
Buy Will limited to extra effort only. Accessibility rules would probably dictate about -35%, but given that Will is useful for lots of stuff, I'm wondering if it might be as low as -80% (remember, will costs 5/level while many Will-based skills are 4/level).

I'd call it 1/level for simplicity. Extra Effort is a very small subset of Will.

  • Spend HP instead of FP to fuel Extra Effort when it is preferable.

Perk. I've used this in my custom V:TM conversion.

  • Ignore the penalty to the Will roll for having less than full FP (as on P160).

Perk, again.

  • Use Trading Fatigue for Skill for stuff like contests of ST/Judo/etc. (also P161).

Hrm... compared to Mighty Blows, Feverish Defense, etc., this seems pretty underpowered, so I'd say Perk again.

  • Make her ER fuel mundane extra effort, not just boost 'powers'.

+20% to the cost of the ER, much as for the Extended enhancements for various advantages.

  • Spend HP instead of FP: Emergency Reserves
  • Ignore penalty for low FP: Indefatigable
  • Trading FP for skill/ST: Potential Power

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