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GURPS 3x3 Eyes (the 3x3 is pronounced Sazan) is a fan creation based on Yuzo Takada's manga series 3x3 Eyes that ran from 1987 to 2002 in Young Magazine with two OVAs based on the manga going up to the end of Volume 5 ("Return of the Seima III") in the original manga.

The Black Horse translation restructures the numbering of the books and renames many of the chapter titles with the end of the OVA ending in their Book 8 "Return of the Demon Saint III" and going on into a sequence called "Descent of the Mystic City" which stopped at Part 9 which doesn't seem to correspond to the next story in Volume 6 (story 10) "A Rest for the Siema" nor the material in Volume 7 ("Eyes of the Undead" - a 10 parter or the two parts of "Legend of the True Siema")

General BackgroundEdit

The premise of 3x3 Eyes is that there is a side branch of humanity called the Sanjiyan Unkara (meaning three-eyed mandala) who are so long lived as to be effectively immortal and who possess great magical powers. They lived on a parallel Earth (called Sanjiyan Unkara Holy Land in the Manga) that I dubbed Sazan and were possibly revered as gods.

The plot of 3x3 Eyes involves what is initially thought to be the last Sanjiyan Unkara (called Pai) looking for a three headed statue called the Ningen no Zou to become human. During this she turns a young man that helped her into her Wu--an unkillable guardian. Eventually they find out she is not the last and that the minions of her sleeping fiancee named Shiva (put to sleep at the cost of their own lives by her people around 1678 to stop him from taking over Earth) have their own plans for her and the Ningen no Zou.

If this wasn't enough there is another group that want to have Pai ascend to the status of Kaiyanwang--effective ruler of the Creatures of Darkness (all the supernatural beings that hide from humanity). To add to the fun there are portals (called Kunlun) between Earth and Sazan all over the place with the one to the capital city of Sazan in Tibet.

A Sanjiyan Unkara can, in theory, turn one person into a Wu though newly created Wu has no innate spells and must learn them.

Mark of WuEdit

A Wu is identified by the character "无" in the center of their forehead. Identifying this mark's significance requires actually knowing Hidden Lore (Sanjiyan Unkara) or Occultism and even then the information is not entirely correct. For example, one work on the Sanjiyan Unkara claims that they consume the soul of their Wu. In reality, the Sanjiyan Unkara is effectively a living phylactery for the Wu's soul and if the Sanjiyan Unkara dies they die as well.


A Wu can be extensively damaged and still function. The individual parts will "regenerate" until they look as they did when the person became a Wu.. However, the parts are limited to their ability to move on their own so if a Wu is blown to bits only the parts that have some way of moving (hands, arms, legs, feet) can do so.[1]

In fact, one time Yakumo annoyed Parvati to the point that she held his decapitated head as his body stumbled around trying to get to it

3x3 Eyes SettingEdit

The 3x3 Eyes setting is very Low Fantasy with magic extremely rare. There is a slight Illuminated Fantasy bent to the world as demonstrated by Parvati going on a rampage on a Fei-Oh throughout a modern city (even being tracked by three police helicopters) and showing that she has three eyes in front of many witnesses but other then a handful of newspaper articles there is no mention of the events.[2]

Magic in 3x3 EyesEdit

Three types of magic appear in 3x3 Eyes:

  • Summoning (Beast) Magic - the most common in the setting with a creature summoned directly or one that casts a spell for the summoner. The second form can be viewed as similar to magic on Roma Arcana though spells are just as fast as in the normal system.
  • Symbol Magic - true shito wards work via this magic and Choukai uses a variant with red rather then white paper.
  • Spell Magic - in a setting with a lot of secret magic there are very few actual spells; nearly all can be viewed as Summoning or Symbol magic.

Known SpellsEdit

Many of these are Beast Magic spells. Translations in italics are through Google Translator.

  • Bao-Chii (Gas holding, 气)
  • Cha-Lieh-Chong (Exploding Tearing Bug, 炸裂蟲): A grenade-type beast magic.
  • Choang-Rin-Rin (Pierce Spirit Rhombus, 穿靈輪※): "A dangerous magic which transforms a beast into a rhombus-shaped chip. The chip is implanted in the victim's forehead, permitting the beast to control him/her. If the magic backfired, both the victim and the beast would disintegrate." A variant of this was used to turn Pai into Ayanokoji Pai.
  • Chin-Kuu (Mirror Tick, 鏡蠱): A defensive beast magic, capable of returning powerful attacks such as Kuan-Yaa. The tick itself looks like a 12" wide cross between a large spider and a ladybug and has eight legs instead of a tick’s six.
  • Hou-Lii-Chiya-Chong (FireBug 火蟲)
  • Hou-Yuang-Hou-Chao (Fire Ape Monkey Claw, 火猿猴爪)
  • Huon-Yaa (Wind Fang, 風牙)
  • Kiyatu: A unicorn-like beast that, that in theory, can consume a Wu's soul allowing someone else to become the Sanjiyan Unkara's Wu
  • Kuan-Yaa (Shining Fang, 光牙): A beam of light with a three eyed dragon's head. Can be reflected by normal mirrors
  • Rei-Syou (Lightning Serpent, 雷蛇)
  • Su-Tien-Sheng-Jing-Fong-Hoang (Four Heavens Sacred Vitality Offering Return, 四天聖精奉還): "Four creatures, each forming a vertex of a force-pyramid, which protects the caster from massively powerful attacks."
  • Summon Tou-Chao
  • Tei-Chin-Chii-Chii-Chong: Recharges the magical power of anyone to whom it is attached.
  • Xue-Hou (?? Fire)

Important ItemsEdit

  • Anubis (アヌビス): A Stone Golem that guards the Sanjiyan Unkara Holy Land
  • Konron Key: a pot or other item with three eyes painted on it that, with the proper incarnations, acts as a Gate spell to the Holy Land of the Sanjiyan Unkara.
  • Ningen no Zou (Statue of Humanity, 人間の像): "The statue with the power to make Sanjiyans into human beings. The humanification process requires three Sanjiyans: two are stripped of their special powers, which are simultaneously transferred to the third Sanjiyan."
  • Shiva's Claw (シヴァの爪): A "glove" like item that when worn will keep a Sanjiyan in a naive state and suppress the dangerous, powerful personality but allow the more human personality access to the Sanjiyan's spells.
  • Yi-Pai-Lin-Pah (The sacred number 108): 108 talismans are required to keep a Kiyatu stable and obedient as well to protect the creature from Sanjiyan magic.
ST DX HT HP IQ Speed DR Weeks Energy Cost Spell Materials
Stone 20 11 14 30 8 6 4 3 438 $20,000 Shape Earth 200 lbs. of stone


  • Fei-Oh (Flying Jaws, 飛顎※): looks like a tadpole with an eye in its mouth. Can change size from that of a small cat to that of a small plane.
  • Hong-Nyang (Crimson Girl, 紅娘)/Ran-Pao-Pao (Wolf Rage Rage, 狼暴暴): a creature that in Hong-Nyang form appears to be an 8 year old little red-haired girl with elven ears but can change into a seven foot tall demon known as a Ran-Pao-Pao that can manifest an extra set of arms.
  • Huu-Yao-Chichiu (Binding Monster Spider, 縛妖蜘蛛)
  • Houasyou (Enchanted Snake, 化蛇): used to give Pai Total Amnesia and create her Ayanokoji Pai idenity.
  • Ryouko (Insect-dragon Worm, 龍蠱※): A monster seeking immorality by delivering the Ningen no Zou to the agents of Shiva
  • Shi-Yao-Chong (Eat Monster Bug, 食妖蟲): Feeds off supernatural energy effectively neutralizing most magic in the area.
  • Shou-Rin (Running Scale, 走鱗): An skateboard-like creature with a stiff, pointy tail and protruding tusks. It can be used for transportation though it can't swim.
  • Shunkai (Swift demon)
  • Takuhi (Man bird)
  • Tou-Chao (Earth/Ground Claw, 土爪): A large, fast three-clawed monster which slices its opponents. Can be invisible.

Creatures of DarknessEdit

In the setting of 3x3 Eyes there are creatures that hide among humanity or serve such creatures. Collectively they are known as "Creatures of Darkness" and many, if not most, want power. Those that serve a Wu or Sanjiyan Unkara might be able to utilize some of them as contacts or even allies but they must first prove themselves.

Important CharactersEdit

A quick synapsis of most of the major Chracters was given in Chapter 417 (Volume 30) of the series.

Ayanokoji Pai (Princes Parvati IV)Edit

The main character; has a Jekyll-Hyde like Split Personality (15) though it appears the Hyde like personality, Princess Parvati, can force her way to the surface when she is really annoyed. Pai initially has the disadvantages Clueless and Oblivious, while Parvati has Bully, Callous, Low Empathy, and Obsession (realize Pai's dream of becoming human; 6). Pai is so clueless that she doesn't understand idioms or see anything wrong with carrying around Professor Fujii's skull in her backpack.

Later on she is given Total Amnesia and the human identity Ayanokoji Pai which she lives for about 4 years but when she learns of her being Sanjiyan Unkara the Split Personality returns though the Amnesia now extends to her Parvati personality as well. This effectively removes all the mental disadvantages seen earlier on.

Pai also has Enemies (servants of Kaiyanwang Shiva) and "Allies" (make Parvati the new Kaiyanwang).

Fujii YakumoEdit

Pai's Wu. His father, Professor Fujii, was an archaeology professor who went to Tibet to study the legend of the Sanjiyans but died of natural causes after meeting Pai. He directed Pai to find his son to help her. Thanks to a thief stealing Pai's staff, in which her Takuhi lived, Pai had to make Yakumo her Wu.


Shiva's wu who was sealed by Madurai, the now former Wu of Parvati III, centuries ago.


A slightly pudgy balding Chinese man who dressed like Boris Badenov and used Rune Magic in service to Kaiyanwang Shiva. His goal was to destroy all the Kunlons limiting access to the Sanjiyan Unkara Holy Land where Shiva is sleeping. He disobeyed his master's orders and tried to kill Pai and was killed by her as a result. As a last resort he could transform into a demon like creature.

Haan HazratEdit

A secret trader in magic items who died saving Pai.


Nine-headed Dragon that once served Benares and was about to be executed for her failures. Saved by Haan Hazrat.


Parvati III's Wu who, after losing her Wu status, sealed Benares centuries ago in Wales. Still alive in present (1987) day she is a wizened old gambler living under the name Connelly.

Natsuko AsaiEdit

Yakumo's childhood friend.


Shunkai is a demon like being who lives under the human identify Huang Song Li (the real Mrs. Huang died years ago) who is a successful businesswoman in Hong Kong's peak district. In her true form she has talons, a tail and a single horn. She has a breath attack that can turn anyone it hit to stone but the effect can only be reversed by her death. While she answers directly to Benares she has her own agenda of making Pai the new Kaiyanwang and herself Pai's Wu.


Ushas is Shiva's mother but angered the previous Kaiyanwang so much that, 3,000 years ago she was exiled to space with her Wu tuning into a space station like thing to protect her.

Youko AnynokoukiEdit

A monster that replaced Pai on Barnes' orders but becomes one of Pai's strongest allies.

Youriko KamiyamaEdit

A child of a monster and a human who considers Youko his sister.

Campaign SeedsEdit

"Deities" Among UsEdit

It isn't that far a stretch to picture that the actions Sanjiyan Unkara are the basis for the deities of the Hindu pantheon but that raises an interesting question - what of the other polytheistic pantheons? In the manga Anubis appears as a Stone Golem so the idea that there were other "tribes" of Sanjiyan Unkara who were the basis for other polytheistic tribes is viable.

And if these pantheons were also based on other "tribes" of Sanjiyan Unkara then what happened to them? The answers to those questions can serve as a way for PCs to be Sanjiyan Unkara.

Cain the WuEdit

The mark of Cain was in reality the mark of Wu. This raises a lot of questions: Who is Cain's Sanjiyan Unkara master?, Is the Sanjiyan Unkara that made Cain a Wu still around? What was (or is) the goals of Cain and his Sanjiyan Unkara master?

In a GURPS Vampire: The Masquerade like setting Cain can be both a vampire and a Wu - an effort by a Sanjiyan Unkara to have more then one immortal unkillable guardian. Given the mother of all vampires in Jewish Folklore is Lilith that may be the name of the Sanjiyan Unkara who made him a Wu. For an even darker tone have Lilith make the offer of becoming a Wu to Abel but finds Cain at the meeting place who states he killed his brother to prove his loyalty. Impressed by the action Lilith makes Cain her Wu...and the first vampire.

Welcome to TibetEdit

The 1938–39 German expedition to Tibet is in reality an effort to obtain Sanjiyan Unkara artifacts, magic, and if they are lucky an actual Sanjiyan Unkara (who Himmler thinks is the true Master Race rather then the Nordic races) Is anyone, Axis or Allies, ready for the realization of the expedition's true goals?

A variant is that Kaiyanwang Shiva doesn't come up with his plan to conquer Earth until the 1930's with both Axis or Allies trying to court him as an ally unaware that he plays to betray them.

The Next Step in HumanityEdit

Everything known about the Sanjiyan Unkara is a lie carefully crafted to hide the real truth - they and the things they "summon" are in reality the product of a mixture of bio-tech, cybernetics, and memory implants by a black ops organization with access to TL9^ technology. The goal of the organization is to eventually replace normal humans with the Sanjiyan Unkara.

Sazan Holy Land

Sazon Holy Land

Stories in the Five Earths, All in a Row settingEdit

Additional Information and ReferncesEdit

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