There are two GURPS Martial Arts books: Classic (3e) and the current 4e.

GURPS (Classic) Martial ArtsEdit

GURPS 3e Martial Arts cover
GURPS Martial Arts April 1994 in Japan

April 1994 Japanese edition

GURPs Martial Arts August 2002

August 2002 Japanese edition cover

GURPS: Classic: Martial Arts has two sections of advantages, skills, and maneuvers for most styles: realistic and cinematic.

A Maneuver is a specific type of attack or defense and is treated like a skill with each one each one defaulting to one or more prerequisite skills, or to DX ("Kicking, for instance, is a Hard maneuver defaulting to Karate-2")

Styles are broken up into

  • Primary Skills (reflects the main focus of the individual style)
  • Secondary skills (either taught or are not given as much attention throughout)
  • Optional skills (which may or may not be taught in any particular school)

Historical and Modern StylesEdit

Many of these styles have realistic and cinematic totals. Scattered through this section is information on the Belt system and other ranking systems as well as information on specific styles and thinking like External vs. Internal and Hard vs. Soft.

Styles with a * may only exist in a cinematic campaign (those in bold also appear in GURPS Martial Arts 4e) 3e costs were based on Primary skills and "maneuvers" (in 4e these became Techniques with a similar cost structure) in the style; 4e reduced the cost to just mundane skills + Style Familiarity perk. All costs are per 4e rules:

Aikido/Aiki-jutsu [3]
An Ch'i* [6] - centered around hidden weapons and gadgets; combined with other styles
Bando (Burmese Martial Arts); ABA Bando [4], Kachin Bando [3]
Capoeira [4]
Chin Na [3]
Escrima [4]
French Fencing (Fencing Styles)
Goju Ryu (Under Karate in 4e) [5]
Hapkido [5]
Hashishin Style (has no cinematic version) [7] - style of the Order of Assassins
Hsing-Yi Chuan (Hsing I Chuan) [3]
Isshinryu (Under Karate in 4e) [4]
Italian Rapier Fencing (Fencing Styles)
Jeet Kune Do [3]
Judo [4]
Jujutsu [3]
Kalaripayit [14]
Karate (4e: Shotokan; Goju Ryu; Isshinryu; Kyokushin)
Kempo [7]
Kendo/Kenjutsu (4e: Iaijutsu; Nito Ryu)
Kobujutsu [8]
Kuk Sool Won [5]
Kung Fu ("Kung Fu"); blanket term for all Chinese martial arts and not an formal style
Kuntao [6]
Kyudo [4]
Military Hand-to-Hand: Fairbairn Close Combat Training [5], Krav Maga [3], MCMAP [3]
Muay Thai [3]
Ninjutsu [8]: encompasses all of the ninja’s skills including Taijutsu [6]
Pakua [4]
Pancratium (Pankration)/Mu Tau [5]
Pao Chuan (Leopard Fist Kung Fu) [5]
Pentjak Silat [6]
Police Hand-to-Hand [4]
Praying Mantis Kung Fu [4]
Professional Boxing (Boxing) [4]
Professional Kickboxing [3]
Professional Wrestling (under Wrestling) [4]
Savate [3]
Self-defense Hand to Hand [2 or 3]
Shaolin Kung Fu [6]
Streetfighting [6]
Sumo [4]
Tae Kwon Do [5]
T'ai Chi Chuan [6]
Uechi Ryu [6]
White Crane Kung Fu [3]
Wing Chun Kung Fu [4]
Wudong [6] - Taoist style from Wudong mountains, China
Wushu Kung Fu [6]

There are also Fictional, Alien, Fantasy, and Futuristic styles.

There are sections on weapons and campaigns

GURPS Martial Arts (4e)Edit

GURPS 4e Martial Arts cover

A reworking of GURPS (classic) Martial Arts for 4e with major changes to the list of "Historical and Modern Styles" (several styles replaced with other styles) and "Fictional, Alien, Fantasy, and Futuristic styles" being grouped together under "Fictional styles". Also only the realistic point totals for each style is given.

Some styles were put in information boxes throughout the style section resulting in the list not being entirely alphabetical. As with the classic edition, general concepts (like Marma or pressure points) are scattered through the style section.

Ultimate Combat Style [9+]

Armatura [6]: fighting style of the Roman legions during the 1st through 3rd centuries CE
Armatura Equestris [6]: cavalry based martial art of Rome
Bajutsu; can be merged with Armatura Equestris, Furusiyya, Knightly Mounted Combat, and Yabusame
Dagger Fighting [3]

Italian School [5]
La Verdadera Destreza [4]
Transitional French School [4]
French Smallsword [4]
Sport Fencing [3]: Épée, Foil, Schläger

Stickfighting [2]: African Stickfighting, La Canne de Combat, Victorian Singlestick
Furusiyya [5]
Hoplomachia [5]: Armed combat style of the ancient Greek city-states
Hung Gar Kung Fu (Tiger-Crane Style) [4]
Hwa Rang Do [5]
Kajukenbo [3]
Knightly Mounted Combat: Early Medieval [6], High Medieval [7], Late Medieval [5]
Kuntao [6]
Kusarijutsu [2]: Japanese art of the kusari-fundo
Kyujutsu [4]
Longsword Fighting [5]
Archery: Foot Archery [3], Kyudo [4]. Yabusame [3]
Masters of Defense Weapon Training [12]
Muay Thai [3]
Naginatajutsu [3]
Polearm Fighting [4]: Chinese Horse-Cutter Fighting, Glaive Fighting, Naginatado (or Atarashii Naginata)
Pa Kua Chuan [5]
Pak Hok ("white crane") [3]
Pentjak Silat: Kumango Silat [4], Tapak Sutji Pentjak Silat [6]
Mixed Martial Arts
Pollaxe Fighting [4]
Staff Fighting: Bojutsu [2] Jojutsu [3], Sport Quarterstaff [2]; Quarterstaff [2]
Shortsword Fighting
Shurikenjutsu [4]
Spear Fighting
Sojutsu [3]
Sword-and-Buckler Play [5]
Sword-and-Shield Fighting [4]
Taihojutsu [6]
Taijutsu [6]
Wrestling: Combat Wrestling [4], Greco-Roman Wrestling [3], Indian Wrestling [4], Professional Wrestling [4], Submission Wrestling [3]

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