Cost: -5 or -10 points

Ham-Fisted is mundane physical Disadvantage comparable to 3e Reduced Manual Dexterity

Kromm quoteEdit

Sean Punch has commented on Ham-Fisted in the following post to the SJG GURPS Forums:

  • On it probably being better for apes than Bad Grip: see [1]

Cole quoteEdit

Douglas Cole mentions in

Don't forget that NOT having gripping hands - such as Ham Fisted, No Fine Manipulators, and Foot Manipulators, comes with penalties and detriments in Technical Grappling that can offset the raw power of the legs.

TG28 mentions Foot Manipulators in contrast to Prehensile Feet but does not mention ham-fisted (or bad grip) at all.


April 2006 discussion Sense of Duty (Kittens) "What kind of disadvantage does this arm have? Numb? Missing fingers? Ham Fisted?"

December 2006 Akahige I just need to know why there's no related option for Lifting ST. It seems to me that the giant claw would also aid in grappling, wouldn't it? Perhaps I should just take the percentage modifier from One Attack Only, apply it to regular ST, and call it "One Hand Only".

2008 discusion

  • Xenophile "add the Temporary Disadvantage limitation to Extra Arms, or add the One Arm Only limitation to Ham-Fisted?"
  • Bruno "I've never heard of the One Arm Only limitation"

2007's GURPS Martial Arts page 42:

  • It’s possible to modify just one hand. This doesn’t reduce

the point cost of Claws or Unusual Background, but [[Bad Grip]] must have the -80% limitation “One hand only.” This reduces its value to -1 point and means that its -2 penalty applies to one-handed tasks with the modified hand. For two-handed tasks, the penalty is only -1.