Note: this is an explanation for the many discrepancies between the Homeline of GURPS Time Travel and the one in GURPS Infinite Worlds

Homeline-2, 2015
Current Affairs
A close parallel of Homeline battles a close parallel Centrum.
Divergence Point
early 2000s; Infinity is more aggressive in finding worlds.

Major Civilizations

Western (empire with rivals); Orthodox (empire with rivals); Islamic (multipolar); Chinese (empire); Japanese (unitary); Indic (empire)
Great Powers

United Kingdom (representative democracy, CR4); China (oligarchy, CR5?); France (representative democracy, CR4?); Germany (representative democracy, CR4?); Japan (representative democracy, CR4?); Russia (oligarchy, CR4?); United States (representative democracy, CR3); Brazil (representative democracy, CR?), India (representative democracy, CR?)

Worldline Data
Tech Level 7^
Mana Level No
Quantum "5" (see below)
Infinity Class see below
Centrum Zone see below

The 3e canonEdit

This is the Homeline described in GURPS Classic: Time Travel and other 3e books and has enough differences from the 4e version that it can easily count as an close parallel of Homeline.

It has its own Centrum (Centrum-2) which it has known of since its 2006.

In canon Homeline and Homeline-2 haven't discovered each other but they do have access to many of the same worlds as well as "psudo-echoes" which doesn't quite line up with their Homeline counterparts.

Centrum Beta-2 is of particular interest as not only is it the "smoking gun" that this isn't a past version of 4e Homeline (being 15 years "ahead" of the Centrum Beta Homeline and Centrum are familiar with) but the world war of 1902-1912 Centrum had doesn't seem to have happened there.

Meeting yourself...kind ofEdit

This is like DC comics' Pre-Crisis Earth-One and Earth-Thirty-Two. They are similar but it is clear they can't be part of the same Homeline reality. As a result there will be a sense of things being "off"; it looks like Homeline in 2015 but there are some key differences, such as Centrum Beta-2, that show it can't be.

Discovery (suggestion)Edit

Homeline's first use of a ERB from Paradox-1 involved going back 12 years to what was supported to be their past.

At first it looked like they succeeded but then they started noticing that the years for many of the worlds known were either the same or weren't separated by 12 years. More over worlds that hadn't been discovered in their 2015 were known to Homeline-2's Infinity. Finally while the two Homelines can access some of the same worlds their conveyor and projector technology can't access each other's reality directly.



It appears that Homeline-2 was far more aggressive then Homeline in looking for timelines but they also bring with them another Centrum (dubbed "Centrum-2") as well as "psudo-echoes" of a handful of worlds Infinity knows about. Infinity has no desire to effectively fight itself and so works with Infinity-2 but it concerned with the many "psudo-echoes" known to Homeline-2 especially Reich-5B.


Centrum is deeply troubled by a "younger" Secundus and wonders if they can contact "Centrum-2" and enlist their aid as it is clear that Secundus-2 is far more aggressive about finding realities then the Infinity they are familiar with.

Centrum Beta-2 is a puzzle as neither Homeline makes any mention of there being a war going on making Centrum wonder if it has somehow avoided the devastating 1902-1912 war they had. This has made finding and gaining access to this reality a top priority as the feeling is it is existing on borrowed time.