Infinate Library

An adult Rokk Krinn (Comic Boy) trapped in the infinite Library

The Infinite Library is a creation of DC Comics in the Legion of Superheroes "End of an Era" tie in to the Zero Hour event and only appeared in two of the six issues involved in that saga.[1][2] It is the archive of all Chronal Knowledge.

The Infinite Library ItselfEdit

The main hall is about 3 hexes wide with a carpet with constellations on them. There are various side halls also 3 hexes wide but with a bare floor. The stacks are about 42 feet high but aren't the most organized things in the world nor is there any means in the Library to access these higher shelfs. Time effectively stands still within its walls so anything that requires the passive passage of time such as recovering fatigue, natural healing, and wound recovery simply don't happen in its walls. Only spells directly and tangentially related to Time (including the Heat "death" of the universe), Entropy, and Preservation (a way to reduce local Entropy) are cast-able within its walls. Mechanical devices that require time to work are totally non functional.

The only exception to this is an item enchanted with Gate (Infinite Library) that is required to access the library. If the key is lost the only other way out of the Library is to go down the main corridor until one reaches a door. Beyond this door is the End of Time itself; without the proper protective spells/technology the entropy will tear anyone who goes through the door to pieces.

Infinate Library, contents

A close look regarding the organization (or lack) of the Infinite Library's contents

Contents of the Infinite LibraryEdit

The Library contains detailed information on Parachonics, Reality Quakes, Dimensional Highways, Time Travel and the Faërie realm.

Spells Learnable from the Infinite LibraryEdit

There are three paths with regards to the magic in the library: Time, Entropy, Preservation.

Path of TimeEdit

This path deals with the passage of time. GURPS Magic spell equivalents:

  • Age
  • Ancient History
  • Decay
  • Haste and Great Haste
  • Shatter
  • Steal Energy
  • Steal Vitality
  • Slow Time
  • Suspend Time
  • Tell Time

Path of EntropyEdit

This path deals with Entropy. GURPS Magic spell equivalents:

  • Disintegrate
  • Rotting Death
  • Shatter
  • Silence
  • Slow Healing
  • Stop Healing
  • Stop Power
  • Suspend Enchantment, Magery, Magic, Mana, Spell
  • Suspended Animation

Path of PreservationEdit

This path is mandatory if one wants to safely pass through the Library's only Door to the End of Time. Ideally these spells should all be learned at 20 or higher as the End of Time is a Low mana area. GURPS Magic spell equivalents:

  • Boost Attribute
  • Enchantment
  • Halt Aging
  • Healing: Minor, Major, and Great
  • Lich
  • Repair
  • Recover Energy
  • Restore
  • Restore Memory
  • Slow
  • Soul Jar
  • Steal (attribute)
  • Steal Youth
  • Suspend Time
  • Utter Dome
  • Youth

Using the LibraryEdit

The library is a legend among the Cabal and Infinity has seen enough of their knowledge pan out to have taken interest in this legend. Given how anything technological stops working in the Library (even if it is time related) it is possible that it could be written off by Infinity as a "deadly setting".


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