Cost: Variable

Injury Tolerance is an exotic physical Advantage where you have fewer physiological weaknesses than ordinary living beings.


B60 introduced the basic forms:

  • Diffuse (100 points): include all the benefits of No Blood, No Brain, and No Vitals
  • Homogenous (40 points); include all the benefits of No Brain and No Vitals
  • No Blood (5 points)
  • No Brain (5 points)
  • No Eyes (5 points)
  • No Head (7 points): includes benefits of No Brain
  • No Neck (5 points)
  • No Vitals (5 points)
  • Unliving (20 points)

B380 had special rules


P52 introduced new forms:

and enhancements for Diffuse

and modifiers for IBP:



re "No Slow Down":

I'd just define it as a new IT, inline with the costs of High Pain Threshold and Recovery, and call it 10 points, with a +100% enhancement if it affects FP loss as well.