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Khengloth Map

Khengloth is a High-/Dark-Fantasy setting based on a panoramic map Case454f drew in Google SketchUp. The campaign consists of several adventures keyed in to areas on the map and following a spider-web design principle. This means that each adventure is directly linked to several other adventures so that there is continuity within the story.

The purpose of this campaign setting is to push more of an emphasis on role-playing and less of an opportunity for players to simply hack and slash their way through the adventure. In order to accomplish this, Case454f will rely on player action to symbolize or suggest character action.

  • Mages must draw spell glyphs and place them, in advance, on the floor diagram. This will show where the mage must stand to harness the energy of the glyph and cast the appropriate spell.

  • Riddles and tasks embedded in the adventures that suggest the path to take — to achieve a specific goal — or warn in advance of what may lie ahead.

  • Roleplaying events such as the one in Clarksville where the characters took part in a festival and the players submitted actual haiku for judging. This was in lieu of a mere dice roll and was much more enriching of an experience.

  • “Scrolls,” fragments, and other props are provided on “parchment” (tea-stained paper) to the players to guide their actions, plans, spell development, new fighting techniques, etc.
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