This is a list of major Advantages. Perks and Talents are listed elsewhere.

M/P/Soc tells whether an advantage is mental, physical, or social. X/Sup tells whether an advantage is exotic or supernatural. A -- in this column means it is mundane.

0-9 and A Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
360° Vision 25 P X B34
3D Spatial Sense 10 P -- B34

A Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Absolute Direction 5 P -- B34
Absolute Timing 2 M -- B35
Acute Senses

(Hearing, Taste and Smell, Touch, and Vision)

2/level P -- B35
Affliction (advantage) 10/level P X B35
Allies Variable Soc -- B36
Altered Time Rate 100/level M X B38
Alternate Form Variable P X B83
Alternate Identity 5 or 15 Soc -- B39
Ambidexterity 5 P -- B39
Amphibious 10 P X B40
Animal Empathy 5 M -- B40
Appearance Variable P -- B21
Arm DX 12 or 16/level P X B40
Arm ST 3, 5, or 8/level P X B40

B Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Binding 2/level P X B40
Blessed 10+ M Sup B40
Brachiator 5 P X B41
Breath-Holding 2/level P X B41
Business Acumen 10/level M -- B90

C Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Catfall 10 P X B41
Chameleon 5/level P X B41
Channeling 10 M Sup B41
Charisma 5/level M -- B41
Chronolocation 5 M -- B35
Claim to Hospitality 1 to 10 Soc -- B41
Clairsentience 50 M Sup B42
Claws Variable P X B42
Clerical Investment 5 Soc -- B43
Clinging 20 P X B43
Combat Reflexes 15 M -- B43
Common Sense 10 M -- B43
Compartmentalized Mind 50/level M X B43
Constriction Attack 15 P X B43
Contact Group Variable Soc -- B44
Contacts Variable Soc -- B44
Cultural Adaptability 10 M -- B46
Cultural Familiarity 1 or 2/culture Soc -- B23
Cybernetics Variable P -- B46

D Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Damage Resistance 5/level P X B46
Danger Sense 15 M -- B47
Daredevil 15 M -- B47
Dark Vision 25 P X B47
Destiny Variable M Sup B48
Detect Variable M/P X B48
Digital Mind 5 P X B48
Discriminatory Hearing 15 P X B49
Discriminatory Smell 15 P X B49
Discriminatory Taste 10 P X B49
Doesn't Breathe 20 P X B49
Doesn't Eat or Drink 10 P X B50
Doesn't Sleep 20 P X B50
Dominance 20 M Sup B50
Double-Jointed 15 P -- B56
Duplication 35/copy M/P X B50

E Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Eidetic Memory 5 M -- B51
Elastic Skin 20 P X B51
Empathy 15 M -- B51
Enhanced Defenses Variable M -- B51
Enhanced Move 20/level P X B52
Enhanced Time Sense 45 M X B52
Enhanced Tracking 5/level P X B53
Extended Lifespan 2/level P X B53
Extra Arms Variable P X B53
Extra Attack 25/attack P -- B53
Extra Head 15/head P X B54
Extra Legs Variable P X B54
Extra Life 25/life M X B55
Extra Mouth 5/mouth P X B55

F Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Fashion Sense 5 M -- B21
Favor Variable Soc -- B55
Fearlessness 2/level M -- B55
Filter Lungs 5 P X B55
Fit 5 P -- B55
Flexibility 5 P -- B56
Flight 40 P X B56

G Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Gadgeteer 25 or 50 M -- B56
G-Experience 1 to 10 M -- B57
Gizmos 5/gizmo M -- B57
Growth 10/level P X B58
Gunslinger 25 M -- B58

H Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Hard to Kill 2/level P -- B58
Hard to Subdue 2/level P -- B59
Healing 30 M X B59
Hermaphromorph 5 P X B59
High Manual Dexterity 5/level P -- B59
High Pain Threshold 10 P -- B59
High TL 5/level M -- B23
Higher Purpose 5 M Sup B59
Hyperspectral Vision 60 P X B60

I and JEdit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Illuminated 15 M Sup B60
Immune Variable P -- B80
Improved G-Tolerance 5 to 25 P -- B60
Independent Income 1/level Soc -- B26
Indomitable 15 M -- B60
Infravision 0 or 10 P X B60
Injury Tolerance Variable P X B60
Innate Attack Variable P X B61
Insubstantiality 80 M/P X B62
Intuition 15 M -- B63
Intuitive Mathematician 5 M -- B66
Invisibility 40 M/P X B63
Jumper 100 M Sup B64

L Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Language Talent 10 M -- B65
Legal Enforcement Powers 5, 10, or 15 Soc -- B65
Legal Immunity 5 to 20 Soc -- B65
Less Sleep 2/level P -- B65
Lifting ST 3/level P X B65
Lightning Calculator 2 M -- B66
Longevity 2 M -- B66
Luck Variable M -- B66

M Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Magery 5 + 10/level M Sup B66
Magic Resistance 2/level M Sup B67
Mana Damper 10/level M Sup B67
Mana Enhancer 50/level M Sup B68
Mathematical Ability 10/level M -- B90
Medium 10 M Sup B68
Metabolism Control 5/level P X B68
Microscopic Vision 5/level P X B68
Mimicry 10 M X B68
Mind Control 50 M X B68
Mind Probe 20 M X B69
Mind Reading 30 M X B69
Mind Shield 4/level M X B70
Mindlink Variable M Sup B70
Modular Abilities Variable M/P X B71
Morph Variable P X B84
Musical Ability 5/level M -- B91

N and O Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Neutralize 50 M X B71
Nictating Membrane 1/level P X B71
Night Vision 1/level P -- B71
Obscure 2/level P X B72
Oracle 15 M Sup B72
Outdoorsman 10/level M -- B91

P Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Parabolic Hearing 4/level P X B72
Patrons Variable Soc -- B72
Payload 1/level P X B74
Penetrating Vision 10/level P X B74
Perfect Balance 15 P -- B74
Peripheral Vision 15 P -- B74
Permeation Variable P X B75
Photographic Memory 10 M -- B51
Pitiable 5 Soc -- B22
Plant Empathy 5 M -- B75
Possession 100 M X B75
Power Investiture 10/level M Sup B77
Precognition 25 M Sup B77
Pressure Support 5 to 15 P X B77
Protected Sense 5/sense P X B78
Psi Static 30 M Sup B78
Psychometry 20 M Sup B78
Puppet 5 or 10 M X B78

R Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Racial Memory 15 or 40 M X B78
Radiation Tolerance Variable P X B79
Rank 5 or 10/level Soc B29
Rapid Healing 5 P B79
Rapier Wit 5 M B79
Reawakened 10 M Sup B80
Recovery 10 P X B80
Reduced Consumption 2/level P B80
Regeneration Variable P X B80
Regrowth 40 P X B80
Reputation Variable Soc B26
Resistant Variable P B80

S Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Scanning Sense Variable P X B81
Sealed 15 P X B82
Security Clearance Variable Soc -- B82
See Invisible 15 P X B83
Sensitive 5 M -- B51
Sensitive Touch 10 P X B83
Serendipity 15/level M -- B83
Shadow Form 50 P X B83
Shapeshifting Variable P X 883
Shrinking 5/level P X B85
Signature Gear Variable Soc -- B85
Silence 5/level P X B85
Single-Minded 5 M -- B85
Slippery 2/level P X B85
Smooth Operator 15/level M -- B91
Snatcher 80 M Sup B86
Social Chameleon 5 M -- B86
Social Regard 5/level Soc -- B86
Speak Underwater 5 P X B87
Speak With Animals 25 M X B87
Speak With Plants 15 M X B87
Special Rapport 5 M Sup B88
Spines 1 or 3 P X B88
Spirit Empathy 10 M Sup B88
Status 5/level Soc -- B28
Stretching 6/level P X B88
Striker 5-8 P X B88
Striking ST 5/level P X B88
Subsonic Hearing 0 or 5 P X B89
Subsonic Speech 0 or 10 P X B89
Super Climbing 3/level P X B89
Super Jump 10/level P X B89
Super Luck M Sup -- B89
Supernatural Durability 100 P Sup B89

T Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Talent Variable M -- B89
Teeth 0, 1, or 2 P X B91
Telecommunication Variable M/P X B91
Telekinesis 5/level M/P X B92
Telescopic Vision 5/level P X B92
Temperature Control 5/level M/P X B92
Temperature Tolerance 1/level P -- B92
Temporal Inertia 15 M Sup B93
Tenure 5 Soc -- B93
Terrain Adaptation 0 or 5 P X B93
Terror 30 + 10/level M Sup B93
Trained By A Master 30 M -- B93
True Faith 15 M Sup B94
Tunneling 30 + 5/leve P X B94

U Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Ultrahearing 0 or 5 P X B94
Ultrasonic Speech 0 or 10 P X B94
Ultravision 0 or 10 P X B94
Unaging 15 P X B95
Unfazeable 15 M -- B95
Universal Digestion 5 P X B95
Unkillable 50 to 150 P X B95
Unusual Background Variable M -- B96

V Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Vacuum Support 5 P X B96
Vampiric Bite 30 + 5/level P X B96
Versatile 6 M -- B96
Very Fit 15 P -- B55
Very Rapid Healing 15 P -- B79
Vibration Sense 10 P X B96
Visualization 10 M Sup B96
Voice 10 P -- B97

W, X and Z Edit

Advantage Cost M/P/Soc X/Sup Reference
Walk on Air 20 P X B97
Walk on Liquid 15 P X B97
Warp 100 M Sup B97
Wealth Variable Soc -- B25
Weapon Master Variable M -- B99
Wild Talent 20/level M Sup B99
Xeno-Adaptibility 20 M -- B46
Zeroed 10 Soc -- B100

See also Edit