Magery (Ritual Path) is a special Talent form of magery that is used with Ritual Path Magic. It differs from "normal" magery in several ways:

  • It allows spells to be cast at full skill but gives no other benefits.
  • It does not add to spell skill level but at 1+ it grants other benefits
    • Path skills are capped at 12 plus the level of Magery
    • Mage can "store" mana equal to 3*Magery+Energy Reserve
    • A caster may have (Thaumatology skill + Magery level) conditional spells (pp. 25-26) active at once.


It is stated "This is a variant of standard Magery" so ideally one should be able to get to Magery (Ritual Path) from standard Magery with the right combination of enhancements and limitations but the process isn't given so to paraphase Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle 'we got there but we didn't get an explanation on how we got there'.

This creates problems as some information is given and one can back figure at least one limitation. It is stated that with Magery (Ritual Path) "Magery 0 grants no other benefits – it cannot detect magic, etc" which is No Magic Item Sensitivity -20% but this would change the point total and so there must be enhancements worth +20% to offset this but they are not provided.


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