"A maneuver is an action taken during combat."

Maneuvers (Combat Lite)[edit | edit source]

"Each turn, you must choose one of the following maneuvers: Aim, All-Out Attack, All-Out Defense, Attack, Change Posture, Concentrate, Do Nothing, Evaluate, Feint, Move, Move and Attack, Ready, or Wait."

Maneuver Description Active Defense Movement
Aim Aim a ranged weapon to get its Accuracy bonus Any* Step
All-Out Attack Attack at a bonus or multiple times None Half Move
All-Out Defense Increased or double defense Any† Varies
Attack unarmed or with a weapon Any Step
Change Posture Stand up, sit down, etc. Any None
Concentrate Focus on a mental task Any* Step
Do Nothing Take no action but recover from stun Any‡ None
Evaluate Study a foe prior to a melee attack Any Step
Feint Fake a melee attack Any Step
Move Do nothing but move Any Full Move
Move and Attack Move and attack at a penalty No Parry Full Move
Ready Prepare a weapon or other item Any Step
Wait Hold yourself in readiness to act Any Varies

* Taking an active defense may spoil your aim or concentration.
† Gives +2 to Dodge, Block, or Parry, or allows two defenses against each attack.
‡ Defenses are at -4 if taking Do Nothing due to stun.

The chapter on Combat gives finer details on each of these Maneuvers[1]

Classic Edition Note[edit | edit source]

Classic: Martial Arts used the term "Maneuver" to also describe what are now called Techniques in 4e.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Basic Set 364-6
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