GURPS (Classic) Martial Arts provided two grading (rank) systems for martial arts.[1]

"This skill level should be the average level of all Primary skills of the form being learned." In 4e terms this would equate to the average level of all mundane skills. There can also point total requirements regardless of average skill level.

General Belts

This is supposedly one of the most common belt systems used

Belt Color Skill Level Notes
White or Red default (DX-6) to 10
Yellow 11 minimum of 2 points in each of the mundane skills
Orange 12
Green 13
Blue 14 student may help to assist the class in some small ways
Brown 14.5 competent martial artist, who will help teach the simpler techniques
Black 15 All the basic techniques of the style have been mastered

Okinawan Ranks

Ranks are called kyu

Rank Name Color Skill Level
Jukyu White 10 or less
Kyukyu Yellow 10.5
Hachikyu Orange 11
Shichikyu Green 11.5
Rokkyu Blue 12
Gokyu Purple 12.5
Yonkyu Purple, Second Level 13
Sankyu Brown, First Level 13.5
Nikyu Brown, Second Level 14
Ikkyu Brown, Third Level 14.5

Life After the Black Belt

Dan Rank Skill Level
First Dan 15
Second Dan 16-17
Third Dan 18-19
Fourth Dan 20-21
Fifth Dan 22-23
Sixth Dan 24-26
Seventh Dan 25-27
Eighth Dan 28-30
Ninth Dan 31-33
Tenth Dan (maximum) 34-36


At a practical level is unlikely any Dan above fourth would have skills much beyond 20 as anything below 4 techniques for each skill is cheaper and is a more effective use of time. This may be why 4e Martial Arts doesn't assign or even hint at what skill level belts or Dan levels equate to.


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