GURPS Powers: Totem and Nature Spirits is a Fourth Edition book and a supplement in the GURPS Powers™ line which are designed to showcase particular powers or power sets.

Written by Rory Fansler (refplace on the SJG forums) and edited by Sean Punch. in 2019 for GURPS. It is PDF only, 17 pages cover to cover, costing $5 at the time of this entry.

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Show Some Spirit[edit | edit source]

The idea that spirits are associated with animals, locations, and natural forces is widespread. Shamans, medicine men, channelers, and other spirit-workers of cultures that hold such beliefs don't merely communicate with these entities – they invite possession, sometimes physically transforming into something else for the duration. This is a path to great power, but it isn't without risk and it demands profound respect.

GURPS Powers: Totems and Nature Spirits looks at how to represent such practices within the framework of GURPS Powers. Contents include:

  • Explanations of what totems are, who can call upon them, and how to invoke them.
  • Notes on traits suitable for spirit-workers, including general advice on spirit powers of all kinds.
  • Rules for the key ability, Totem-Bearer – including 28 sample totems and 17 archetypal roles for them to fill.
  • Lists of traits these totems grant to those they "ride," both during the channeling process and at other times.
  • Template costs for the animals in the Basic Set, for heroes interested in shamanic shapeshifting.

Everything you need to bring the spirit world into the material one!

This book was written for use by several character profession, not just shamans - though they will get the most use out of it. The animal [point costs will also be handy for shapeshifters.of all kinds.

Authors Comments[edit | edit source]

This was my first book for GURPS and focused on the most commonly known totems which are animal spirits but also covers nature spirits such as those that guard a specific place or even represent a force of nature. Guidelines are provided for creating additional totems, other animals, fantasy animals, ancestor spirits, Loa,and more. While too small to authoritatively cover the subject it provides archetype and purpose information to help make totems more than a mere advantage or power-up, includes the details most desired for a game, and provide enough flexibility to fit most fantasy settings. For example each totem grants a fully stated partial manifestation for drop and play but also includes ideas for differing capabilities and power levels.

It was not intended to be a complete Magic as Powers system in the vein of Divine Favor, Imbuements,or Sorcery but an important piece of a greater shamanic power system I eventually hope to publish.

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