Defaults: None
Prerequisite: Trained By A Master

Push (DX/Hard) is the skill of channeling your chi in order to “gently” push away an adversary or cause him to lose his balance. If successful use the higher of your ST or your Push skill as your effective ST for Shove

It might be more logical to call it Chi Push.


This noun is also the root of the term Push Kick, which is basically a shove done with 1 foot instead of 1 or 2 hands.

Building n this, an Aggressive Parry that is a Shove could be called a a Push Parry or Push Arm Parry or Push Forearm Parry

done with a leg parry, since an Aggressive Parry done on a leg parry is a Jam, could be called a Push Leg Parry ie a Push Jam