Pyramid was a gaming magazine, publishing articles primarily on role-playing games, but including board games, card games, and other sorts of games. It began life in 1993 as a print publication of Steve Jackson Games for its first 30 issues, though way published on the Internet from March 1998 to December 2018.. Print issues were bimonthly; the online edition publishes new articles each week. Pyramid replaced Steve Jackson Games previous magazine Roleplayer.

There was a kickstarter for a fourth edition of Pyramid which not only met but exceeded its base goal of $1,500 for three issues and got to the 48 page each stretch goal.


Pyramid features general gaming articles by freelance authors, as well as Designer's Notes by Steve Jackson Games product developers, industry news, cartoons, and gaming product reviews. Although articles tend to concentrate on Steve Jackson Games products such as GURPS, it also publishes articles on other games such as d20 System, Talisman, Nobilis, Hero System, and features comic strips such as Dork Tower, Bruno, Murphy's Rules, and Irregular Webcomic! . Steve Jackson Games also briefly published another online magazine, d20 Weekly for several months using a very similar model to that of Pyramid. However, the venture was not a success, and was eventually folded into a slightly expanded Pyramid.

The online subscription system used for Pyramid also granted access to subscriber forums, a dedicated chat server, and occasional pre-publication playtest material for Steve Jackson Games and other company's products.


  • Derek Pearcy - Print issues 1-2.
  • Jeff Koke - Print issues 3-4.
  • Scott Haring - Print issues 5-30. Online edition March 1998 - February 2000.
  • S. John Ross - Online edition 1998.
  • Steven Marsh - Online edition February 2000 - 2018.


  • 2001: Origins Award Best Professional Game Magazine of 2000
  • 2004: Origins Award Gamer's Choice: Best Electronic Product of 2003
  • 2005: Origins Award Best Non Fiction Publication of 2004


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