Reich-2, 1961
Current Affairs
Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and the British Empire fight an ever-shifting cold war of espionage and sabotage as the United States and Imperial Japan jockey for position and allies.
Divergence Point
1940; Lord Halifax becomes Prime Minister of Britain instead of Churchill, and negotiates an armistice with Germany and an alliance with Japan.

Major Civilizations

Western (multipolar), Orthodox (empire), Japanese (empire).
Great Powers

German Reich (dictatorship, CR4-5 for Germans, CR6 for subject races), British Empire (representative democracy, CR4, CR5 in colonies), Soviet Union (dictatorship, CR6), United States (representative democracy, CR3, CR5 for blacks), Japanese Empire (military oligarchy, CR4-5

Worldline Data
Tech Level 7 (aerospace, TL(7+1))
Mana Level No Mana
Quantum 6
Infinity Class Z3
Centrum Zone Red

WW2 ended in stalemate.


Reich-A was an echo of Reich-2 seven years behind Reich-2 until it was pulled into the Nine Worlds skerry. The Engstrom gate is 8,500 feet directly above the North Pole. Air forces from all five local powers fly patrols around the gate; incidents are frequent. All five have landing rights in Goose Bay, Labrador.


A variant of this reality is explored in the 1996 novel Making History where thanks to time travel tampering Hitler is never born. The problem is that results in Hitler being replaced by the far more charming, patient, and effective leader Rudolf Gloder who lead Nazi party to victory in Europe. This results in a Cold War between the United States and a Nazi Europe.


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