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The cover to GURPS Ultra-Tech for 4th Edition.

TL11 (The Age of Exotic Matter) is mostly composted of improved versions of the previous TL10 (The Robotic Age) tech with some of it being further improved in TL12 (The Age of Miracles). At this point in technological advancement, the barriers between robotic and biological enhancements are nearly indistinguishable. Nanobots that process materials start to replace small-scale manufacturing, and most functions of life itself can be replicated through machines. Mists of nanobots can pollinate fields, swarms of microbots can collect individual seeds from grain, and many machines become excitingly--and dangerously--self-replicating. If produced without caution, rogue nanobots can easily cause the planet to become a Hell World like Drexler--the "Gray Goo" planet, destroyed by bacteria-like nanobots.

Pure superscience devices are listed on TL^ (Superscience Tech)

Improved versions of older tech are listed in italics while bold indicates superscience options

Core TechnologiesEdit


  • Flexible Power Cells (TL9-12)
  • Non-Rechargeable Power Cells (TL9-12)
  • Portable Fusion Reactor
  • Antimatter Generators (TL11-12)[1]

Recreational and Personal RobotsEdit

  • Android (TL9-12), Petbot (TL9-12)

Communications, Sensors and MediaEdit

  • Direct Neural Interface (TL9-11); no nonsuperscience at this TL

Media and EducationEdit

  • Recording and Playback: Digital Data Storage Media (TL9-11)

Sensors and Scientific EquipmentEdit

  • Passive Electromagnetic Sensor Arrays (PESA) (TL10-12); No equipment for this TL listed
  • Combination Sensors: Extensible Sensor Pod (ESP) (TL9-12) LC3

Housing Tools, and Survival GearEdit

Domestic Equipment and AppliancesEdit

  • Housebot (TL9-11)
  • Sleep Set (TL10-11)
  • Autokitchen (TL10-12)
  • Food Factory (TL11-12) LC4

Housing ConstructionEdit

  • Space Habitats (TL9-11)
  • Star Habitats (TL10-12): Classic Dyson Sphere

Expedition GearEdit

  • Inertial Compass (TL9-12)
  • Containers and Load-Bearing Equipment: Pressure Box (TL9-12)
  • Survival and Camping Gear: Envirobag (TL9-12), Bioplas Pressure Tent (TL11)
  • Environmental
    • Rescue Bubble (TL9-12)
    • Worldscaping (TL9-12): Fast Mars-Type Terraforming (TL10-12)
    • Industrial Megaprojects (TL 10-12): Artificial Black Holes (TL11), Planetary Brain (TL11), Starlifting (TL11), Stellar Midwifery (TL11)
    • Weather Control Satellites (TL10-12)

Tools and Construction MaterialsEdit

  • Tools and Tool Kits
    • Power Tools (TL9-12) LC4
    • Portable Antimatter Trap (TL9-12)
    • Tool Kits (TL9-12): Robotic Workshop (TL10-12)
    • Repair Nanopaste (TL11-12)
    • X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Laser Torches (TL11-12)

Worker RobotsEdit

  • Worker Swarms (TL10-11)
    • Construction Swarm; Decontamination Swarm; Defoliator Swarm; Harvester Swarm; Pesticide Swarm; Pollinator Swarm; Repair Swarm


  • Explosives (TL9-11): Plasma Explosive (TL11)


  • Blueprints (TL9-12): Molecular Blueprints (TL11)
  • Nanofacs (TL11-12)

Covert Ops and SecurityEdit

Deception and IntrusionEdit

  • Forgery and Counterfeiting: Programmable Wallet (TL11) LC2
  • Disguises and Smuggling: Cannibal Nanokit (TL11)

ECM and StealthEdit

  • Chameleon Surface (TL9-12): Chameleon Cloak (TL9-12) LC3; Chameleon Net (TL9-12) LC3
  • Invisibility Surface (TL10-12): Invisibility Surface (TL10-12); Invisibility Cloak (TL10-12); Invisibility Net (TL10-12)
  • Computer Intrusion: SQUID (TL9/11)

Security and SurveillanceEdit

  • Barriers, Mines, and Traps
    • Armored Doors (TL9-12)
    • Laser Fences (TL9-12): X-ray Laser Fence (TL11) LC2
    • Wire Fences (TL9-11): no nonsuperscience beyond TL9 listed

Enforcement and CoercionEdit

  • Interrogation, Brainwashing, and Animal Control
    • Mechanical Mind Probe (TL10-11): Portable Mind Probe (TL11) LC2


Beam WeaponsEdit

  • Laser (TL9-12)
    • Laser Pistols (TL11): Laser Crystal
    • Rainbow Lasers (TL11)
    • X-Ray Lasers (TL11)
    • Pulse Lasers (TL9-12)
  • Charged Particle Beams (“Blasters”) (TL10-11)
  • Antiparticle Beams (“Pulsars”) (TL11-12^): all weapons listed are TL12 not TL12^

Guns and LaunchersEdit

  • Brilliant Weapons (TL9-12)

Firearm AccessoriesEdit

  • Targeting Systems
    • Compact Targeting Scope (CTS) (TL9-12)
    • Enhanced Targeting Scope (ETS) (TL9-12)

Biochemical And Nanotech WeaponsEdit

  • Foams And Liquids (TL9-11): Disassembler Nanoglop (TL11)
  • Metabolic Nanoweapons (TL10-12): Splatter Nano (TL11); Shrike Nano (TL11)

Melee And Thrown WeaponsEdit

  • Hyperdense Blades (TL11)


Body Armor And Protective GearEdit

  • Body Armor (TL9-12)
  • Rigid Body Armor
    • Headgear (TL9-12)
  • Environmental Gear And Suits (TL9-12)
    • Counterpressure Vacc Suits (TL9-12)

Powered SuitsEdit

  • Battlesuit
    • Cybersuit
    • Military Cybersuit**Dreadnought Battlesuit

Defense SystemsEdit

  • Smartsuit Options (TL10-11)
    • Smartcloak (TL11)
  • Beam-Adaptive Armor (TL11)

Medical and BiotechEdit

Medical GearEdit

  • Physician’s Equipment (TL9-12)
  • Chrysalis Machine
  • Implant Seed

Medical RobotsEdit

  • Nursebot (TL9-12)
  • Medical Bush Robot (TL11-12)

Biotech EquipmentEdit

  • Nanofacs and Replicators (TL11-12)
  • Biomedical Nanomachines (TL10-12)
    • Programmable Immune Machines
    • Quickheal
    • Critical Repair Nano
    • Respirocytes
    • Torpine
  • Aegis Nanobots

Body ModificationsEdit

  • Hyperdense Skeleton
  • Hyperspectral Eyes
  • Monocrys Subdermal Armor

Brain ImplantsEdit

  • Backup Brain


Personal VehiclesEdit

  • Supersonic Air Car

Utility VertolEdit

  • Nuclear-Powered Vertol


  • Nightwing

Flight PacksEdit

  • Nuclear Jetpack

Related MaterialEdit


  1. It is stated that "Unfortunately, antimatter takes more energy to manufacture than it can produce" which ignores the fact it is being combined with an equal amount of matter to produce a E=2mc^2 output.
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