TL1 (The Bronze Age) (3,500 BCE+) is the tech of the first major civilizations such as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Generally TL0 (The Stone Age) proceeds this and TL2 (The Iron Age) comes after.

General DevelopmentsEdit

Note: these are a combination of the material in the Basic Set and GURPS Low-Tech

  • Signature Technologies: Bronze; Arithmetic; Writing
  • Transportation: Bare horseback; the wheel (and chariots); shipbuilding; sails
  • Weapons and Armor: Bronze weapons and armor
    • War: Horse-drawn chariots; helmets and body armor; walled cities and siege warfare
  • Power: Donkeys; oxen; ponies; ; draft animals;
  • Biotechnology/Medicine: Surgery; animal husbandry; fermentation
  • Other Technologies: Large-scale agriculture, often with irrigation and plowing; calendars.
  • Social Organization: City-states and monoethnic empires; written law; armies; long-distance trade and diplomacy; gold and silver currency by weight; marketplaces.

Core TechnologiesEdit


  • High-Fired Ceramics: Glass
  • Mortars and Mineral Adhesives: Plaster, Lime
  • Metals: Copper, Bronze, and Brass
  • Fiber: Silk
  • Paper and Its Cousins: Pith “Papers”
  • Organic Adhesives and Matrices


  • Alum, Potash

Fuel and PowerEdit

  • Charcoal, Dung, Peat
  • Animal Power: Shoulder Yoke

Tools and Basic EquipmentEdit

  • Cloth and Leather: Loom, Backstrap; Scissors
  • Mining and Tunneling: Chisel; Crowbar, Large (TL1); Hammer (TL1); Pick; Shovel
  • Stone knapping: Punch, Chest
  • Smithing: Anvil, Hammer, Pliers, Shears, Tongs

Related MaterialEdit


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