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TL5 (The Industrial Revolution) and TL6 (The Mechanized Age) both belong to the Age of Steam. While the formal Age of Discovery was over there was still a lot of TL4 (The Age of Sail) around in the early part of this period.

General Developments

Note: these are a combination of the material in the Basic Set and GURPS High-Tech

  • Signature technologies: Mechanical calculators; telegraph
  • Transportation: Steam locomotives; steamboats; early submersibles; balloons and early airships; Bicycle; macadam road; screw propeller
  • Weapons and Armor: Early repeating small arms; rifled cannon; ironclads
    • Arms and Armor: Barbed wire, breech-loading artillery, breech-loading rifle, ironclad warship, mechanical machine gun, nitroglycerine, revolver, rocket.
  • Power: Steam engines; direct current[1][note 1]; coal; batteries
  • Biotechnology/Medicine: Anesthetic; antiseptic; canned foods;, evaporated milk; hypodermic syringe; pasteurization; vaccination; Germ theory of disease;

Other Developments

  • Agriculture: Four-course crop rotation, seed drill.
  • Information Technology: Newspaper advertising, photography, public library, scientific journals, telegraph.
  • Machinery: Cotton gin, interchangeable parts, powered loom, reaping machine.
  • Material Science: Crucible steel, friction match, rubber.

Magical Settings at this TL

  • Classic: Old West: Generally a very magic poor High Fantasy setting. What magic does exist is in the possession of Native Americans and alchemists.
  • Classic: Steampunk: This where the line between the supernatural and science starts blurring. Magic as a force is dismissed out of hand but supernatural forces are explained via science. For example, Henry Moore's 17th century concept that ghosts are in reality 4 physical dimensional beings is promoted by Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllne very late in this TL[note 2]

This list is taken from the GURPS Repository.

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  1. The basic set lists direct current and alternating current as separate TLs while GURPS High-Tech doesn't
  2. "If a fourth-dimension creature existed it could, in our three-dimensional universe, appear and dematerialize at will, change shape remarkably, pluck us out of locked rooms, and make us appear from nowhere." - Carl Sagan, Cosmos pg 219