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The TL7 (The Nuclear Age) arguments rather then "replaces" TL6 (The Mechanized Age) in many places and would continue well into TL8 (The Digital Age).


  • Agriculture: Chemical fertilizer, hybrid crops.
  • Arms and Armor: Assault rifle, ballistic body armor, guided missile, military helicopter, military jet, nuclear weapons.
  • Information Technology: Computer, high-speed press, television.
  • Machinery: Integrated circuits, laser, transistor[1].
  • Material Science: Composite materials, plastic[2], superconductors, titanium.
  • Medicine and Health: Artificial heart, organ transplants.
  • Power: Gas turbine, nuclear power, photovoltaic cell.
  • Transportation: High-speed train, jet aircraft, spacecraft.

Magical Settings at this TLEdit

  • GURPS Supers: This setting has huge amounts with magic with about every magic system a viable option.
  • GURPS Technomancer: A divergent reality where reliable magic has existed since 1945
  • GURPS Voodoo: This is a secret magic setting "the most common magic items are the charms of the ritual magic system, though fetishes and foci can also play a part."[3]
  • GURPS Warehouse 23: The Warehouse is chock full of magic items that have little in common; sometimes they come from mutually incompatible cosmologies.


  • TL7-8 is where GURPS Classic and 4e TLs start diverging. According to David L. Pulver, late TL7 in GURPS Classic is TL8 in GURPS 4e. See Technology Levels (Classic) for more information.

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  1. Julius Edgar Lilienfeld patented a field-effect transistor in 1926 and 1928; Oskar Heil patented something similar in 1934. Improvements to this design led to the better known point-contact transistor developed in 1947-8
  2. This likely refers to oil based plastic as plant based plastic first appeared in 1856
  3. GURPS Magic Items 3 pg 11
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