GURPS High-Tech cover

TL8 (The Digital Age) begins with the commercial success of personal computing" (c1980) though there is still a lot of TL7 (The Nuclear Age) around lasts even into TL9 (The Microtech Age). This is the last TL in GURPS that has clear "developments".


  • Agriculture: Genetically engineered crops and pesticides
  • Arms and Armor: Bioengineered disease, personal defense weapon, stun gun, unmanned drone.
  • Information Technology: Desktop publishing, personal computer, Internet.
  • Machinery: Rapid prototyping.
  • Material Science: Carbon fiber, fullerenes, microfibers.
  • Medicine and Health: Artificial fertilization, genetic screening, laser surgery.
  • Power: Advanced battery, computer-integrated power plant, wind farm.
  • Transportation: Hybrid car, reusable spacecraft


  • TL7-8 is where GURPS 3e and 4e TLs start diverging. According to David L. Pulver, late TL7 in GURPS 3e is TL8 in GURPS 4e. See Technology Levels (3rd Edition) for more information.


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