A talent is a natural aptitude for a set of closely related skills. They can be used with mundane or psi skills (B254).

GURPS Power-Ups 3 lists all the Talents that affect skills presented in GURPS up to July 2011. The Power Talents which affect the use of advantages rather then skills are not included.


  • Small (6 or fewer related skills): 5 points/level.
  • Medium (7 to 12 related skills): 10 points/level.
  • Large (13 or more related skills): 15 points/level.
  • Smooth (minimum 5 points): 1 point/level per skill affected.

Special noteEdit

A Talent doesn’t improve skills covered by or defaulted to wildcard skill if both are allowed to exist. The only documented exception to this is Wildcard Magery.


interaction with defaults


GURPS Powers pg 8 refers to pg 33's "Adding and Improving Powers" for notes on improving talents, implying talents are also powers despite not having the power modifier built into their pricing (much like energy reserves)

pg 29 discusses how to price and clarifies an important point:

Talent also doesn’t affect rolls to work around limitations on the power’s abilities. For instance, it doesn’t benefit the activation roll called for by the Unreliable limitation. In particular, it never affects the reaction roll required for fickle channeled energies

This presumably applies to Reliable, which functions like Talent except it applies to a single advantage and is built into its base cost as an enhancement.

It also rules:

No modifier of any kind ever applies to the price of Talent.

That is different from Reliable, which could be discounted via Limited Enhancements. There are optional rules for this though.

Magery under Existing Advantages as Talents is emphasized as not being able to have limitations to lower its price if functioning as a talent.

158 discusses the Role of Talent

162 under Abilities Enhancing Skills mentions Talent


P107's "Gadget Limitations and Powers" mentions 2 special rules:

  • apply gadget limitations to Talent (an exception to the prohibition against modifying Talent).
  • This Talent might even add to the user’s own Talent, letting him exceed normal limits.


pg 28

Unlike power Talents, mundane Talents can be bought with a source limitation (though not a power limitation, because they still can’t be included in a power).




Only unmodified Magery (or PI) can serve as a power Talent. See Existing Advantages as Talents (Powers, p. 29). By adding the Song limitation to Magery, it immediately becomes invalid for use as a power Talent, so a different solution had to be sought for the bard.

Designer notesEdit suggests lowering the prices as if a Limited Enhancements for Reliable, but emphasizes Talent cannot have modifiers.

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