Chinks are referenced in B400's Targeting Chinks in Armor rules. It does not bypass DR but rather functions as a DR divisor at a certain penalty.

It's not clear if you can do that for natural DR liek the skull (2) or spine (3) but that would make sense since they do naturally have weak spots.

It's also not clear whether to round the halved DR up or down.

emulating chinks with limitations on DR advantage[edit | edit source]

If one assumes chinks are not built in, you could probably buy Accessibility on half the levels of the DR reflecting half those levels not applying when the foe takes a certain hit penalty and passes anyway.

  • more thoughts on this needed. Perhaps using Bane v Limited

Low-Tech[edit | edit source]

GURPS Low-Tech:

  • 56 (Estoc) and 60 (Pick) and 61 (Rondel Dagger) and 62 (Stiletto) and 71 (property 4, used on Katar 67 and Warhammer 70) remove a -2 penalty, making it -6 for torso and -8 for other places (which actually makes it easier to hit the eyes, usually only -9). Stabbing-only knives with this property are called Miséricorde (59)
  • 101 "Flexible armor lacks chinks" (good on Tough Skin, skull would lack, maybe should not be Flexible though)
  • 109 Sliding Rivets

Low-Tech Companion 2

  • 25 "Damage to Armor" rules reduce penalty to hit chinks by 1 at less than 1/3 and by 2 at less than 0.
    • Unclear if in latter situation that would stack to -3 or if it's intended to replace.

Psi[edit | edit source]

GURPS Psionic Powers 23

astral armor does not usually have chinks

Page 26's breakdown does not include Flexible though, implying the DR advantage doesn't have chinks...

Quotes[edit | edit source]

2006[edit | edit source]

31 May 2006 by Gurps Fan:

I once asked Kromm by email and he answered that the Targeting Chinks in Armor rule only applies to "worn, artificial armor" and not to natural DR.

2011[edit | edit source]


House Rule[edit | edit source]

A quirk at

Armor Chinks [-1]

Natural DR is subject to the Attacking Chinks in Armor rule. Does not apply to Nictating Membrane, eyes are already a chink.

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