Engstrom, 1944
Current Affairs
World War II turns into Worlds at War when permanent portals are opened to other worlds.
Divergence Point
January 7, 1943 Nikola Tesla does not die.

July 22, 1943: A permanent nexus portal is opened to eight other worlds in the Engstrom skerry.

Major Civilizations

varies by world in the skerry
Great Powers

varies by world in the skerry

Worldline Data
Tech Level varies by world in the skerry
Mana Level varies by world in the skerry
Quantum 4
Infinity Class Z4
Centrum Zone inaccessible

On July 22, 1943 the Eldridge vanished with Nikola Tesla onboard. This disappearance coincided with equilateral triangles a mile on a side opening up in eight locations around the world which remain open.

Six of these triangles open to what appears to a “parallel Earth” although with widely variant physical laws. Somehow travelers from these other worlds carry their reality's physical laws with them – werewolves remain vulnerable to silver, for instance.

The Nine WorldsEdit

  • Engstrom itself is locally known as Midgard.
  • Reich-A ("Asgard"): local year 1954, originally an echo of Reich-2
  • Vanaheim : gods and heroes walk the earth
  • Jotunheim: local year 1949, where the Fourth Reich plans a comeback. Named "Jotumheim" in Lost Worlds.
  • Alfheim: local year 1194, where the Daoine Sidhe rule Europe
  • Nidavellir: a hollow world controlled by the Agarthans.
  • Muspellheim: local year 1945. Japanese giant monsters and giant mecha serve as shock troops.
  • Niflheim: the restless undead roam the world.


  • The divergence date was originally given as July 22, 1943 in Weird War II but was changed to July 12, 1943 in GURPS Infinite Worlds - Lost Worlds
  • While Engstrom calls itself "Midgard" it is a totally different reality from the one Infinity calls Midgard.
  • Travel into or between any of the Nine Worlds is relatively easy; traveling out of the Nine Worlds to other Earths is at -8 to skill! Because Infinity has nearly lost four conveyors in this skerry they have classified all of the Nine Worlds as Z4.