Unified Metaphysical Theories is a sidebox in GURPS Powers[1] that allows the linking of magic, divine power, and psionics.

The Basics[edit | edit source]

“Magical”, “spirit”, and even “divine” powers all work the same way - “magicians” work by commanding or petitioning supernatural beings.

In a setting like Roma Arcana "mana" actually represents spirits "free" to operate on a magician's behalf while Sanctity represents spirits that are in the service of spirits so powerful they are regarded as "gods" who denote their followers with Power Investiture (which the exception of Isis)

Magical Psi[edit | edit source]

“Magic” and “psi” both tap the same energies, in one case by study and formal disciplines, in the other by raw talent and willpower.[2]

If this version of “Pseudo-magical psi” might be stopped or negated by anti-psi powers it is -5% with minor Accessibility limitation to reflect the need to perform brief incantations, make small “casting” gestures, and have “spell components” to hand being -10%. Having both is -15%.

Example[edit | edit source]

This combines the above with the idea of Deities getting "everything" from their followers presented in GURPS Religion

All intelligent beings have some degree of internal power which is expressed in many ways one of the more obvious being Psionics. The actions a person does over his lifetime results in some of this internal power being left behind in the area; this left behind power is mana. The more people stay in an area and the longer they stay the higher the mana will be. Magery allows one to tap into this left behind "Psionic" power.

Many things can aspect this mana and in the case of places with high religious significance the mana aspects into a form so different that it is called sanctity which then "wakes" taking on the personality the worshipers expect. Because its very existence is dependent on belief it will "bless" people with the ability to channel its power (Power Investiture) In any case magic will still be fickle: the mage or cleric is tapping into power that is external rather than internal and therefor "alien".

Mana is like water; it flows from a high state to a low one. Hence mana can flow into an area in which an intelligent being has never lived. This also means that a difference of more than one mana level of two neighboring areas will not last. So trying to create a no mana area in anything but a low mana area is futile - the mana level will "fill up" usually within a year.

This flow also applies to the dimensions as well; mana flows to the dimension of less mana. So setting up a doorway to the Astral plane can eventually result in your local mana level dropping to Low if it is used often enough. Conversely doorways to higher mana realms can increase local mana level. The problem is what else might come through such doorways.

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