Wildcard skills is an optional rule designed for Cinematic type games. The Wildcard skill includes and replaces all skills within their area. Also referred to as Bang! skills.

Wildcard skills are designated with a ! at the end.


Wildcard Skills are treated as Very Hard skills, but at triple the usual point cost.

Skill level Attribute-3 Attribute-2 Attribute-1 Attribute+0 Attribute+1 Extra +1
Point cost 3 6 12 24 36 +12

Basic Set examplesEdit

  • Detective! (IQ): Replaces Criminology, Detect Lies, Electronics Operation (Security and Surveillance), Forensics, Interrogation, Law, Observation, Research, Savoir-Faire (Police), Search, Shadowing, Streetwise, etc.
  • Gun! (DX): Replaces all specialties of Beam Weapons, Gunner, Guns, and Liquid Projector, as well as all related Fast-Draw skills. Make an IQ based roll for Armoury pertaining to these weapons.
  • Science! (IQ): Replaces Astronomy, Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry, Engineer, Geology, Mathematics, Metallurgy, Meteorology, Naturalist, Paleontology, Physics, Psychology, etc.
  • Sword! (DX). Replaces Broadsword, Force Sword, Jitte/Sai, Knife, Main-Gauche, Rapier, Saber, Shortsword, Smallsword, and Two-Handed Sword, as well as related Fast-Draw skills. Use in place of such skills as Acrobatics and Jumping for physical stunts while fighting.

GURPS Power-Ups 7Edit

A consolidation and generalization of all the Wildcard skills listed in GURPS supplements up to November 2013. It also provides additional benefits to Wildcard skills and introduces the concept of Template Wildcards.

Fictional characters that likely have Wildcard skillsEdit