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There are hundreds or more alternate worlds in the GURPS Infinite Worlds multiverse. Most of GURPS settings can be easily adopted as part of the Infinite Worlds settings which includes Infinity Unlimited. Note that GURPS 4e (2004) is not entirely consistent on how it uses the "^" (superscience) notation and "^" didn't exist in GURPS Classic at all. This coupled with changes in the GURPS TL scale means that TLs from sources before 2004 may not be at the same TL in 4e.

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Sourcebook names abbreviationsEdit

There are also references to Atomic Horror (AH), Atlantis (AT), Banestorm (BA), Black Ops (BO), Camelot (CA) Dragons (DR), Fantasy for 3rd Ed (F3rd), Fantasy II (FII), Goblins (GB), International Super Teams (IST), Reign of Steel (RS), Steampunk (STM), Terradyne (TE) and WWII:Weird War II (W:WW). See the official Steve Jackson Games Abbreviations for GURPS Titles page for details. Books not abbreviated on that page have been cited under their full titles.

Additional informationEdit

Timelines are listed by quantum. The number known is the number of timelines known to Homeline. Some timelines have moved quantum and a few even changed "local present" in 4th edition; those with only Classic sources are marked with "*". Tech Levels for uninhabited worlds are listed "NA". Due to the changes in Tech Level between Classic and 4e the TLs for 8+ from Classic material is not quite right. When possible the TL is updated to 4e (using the lowest TL possible) and in bold.

This topic is based on the lists formerly posted as Timeline Map for the Infinity Unlimited Campaign and Timeline Map, Infinite Worlds Wiki both of which are preserved thanks to Internet Archive. It is being updated to bring it in line with the GURPS 4th edition Infinite Worlds book and subsequent releases.

The number of realities for Classic and 4e is listed on the Known Realities page.

Some additional details regarding some of these worlds can be found at

Important note on the yearsEdit

While the present for Homeline is roughly the same as ours (23-24 years from the relevant book's present and the same present as Merlin-1) most of the worlds haven't haven't seen the relevant number of years pass for them (Alternate Worlds 1 and 2 still have Homeline's present at 2015).

For example, Cherokee is still in 1930 and Holly is still in 1989 despite Merlin-1 keeping up with our present.

Three other issues are when Centrum discovered Homeline, when Homeline learned of Centrum; and Centrom-Beta which lost 15 years going from 1910 to 1895. These three things are the "smoking guns" confirming the Homelines of Classic and 4e are different though very similar.

One can easily hypothesize a Homeline-2 as representing the Homeline of Classic.

Worlds that have the same year in Classic and 4e are in bold.

List of Worlds by QuantumEdit

Quantum 1Edit

Name Local Present Divergence Point Technology Level Mana Level Source
Amalle Unknown over a billion years ago. TL3 with magic Normal PYR 1221.5

Quantum 2Edit

Name Local Present Divergence Point Technology Level Mana Level Source
Succubus 2019 Elizabethan Era? TL5 with stolen gadgets Unknown Fanwork

Note 1: Q2 and quanta below are inaccessible to Homeline by projector.

Note 2: No Q2 worlds have been described in official sourcebooks.

Quantum 3Edit

NameLocal PresentTechnology LevelSource
Aesop CE 1994 Early TL6 PYR 0223 (Feb 5 2000)
Agamemnon BCE 1189 TL1 IW124
Armada-3 CE 1602 TL4 IW110
Azoth-1 CE 1632 TL(4+3) due to Azoth^ IW113
Azoth-7 CE 1780 TL(4+2)^[1] IW112-113
Burroughs-6  ? TL0-1 Lands Out Of Time 38
Burton CE 786 to 809 TL3/4 IW136; GURPS Arabian Nights
Coventry  ? TL4 (medicine TL8 TT105, B540
Dixie-2 CE 1966 TL6 AE 12, IW122
Emperor Burr CE 1945* TL6 BP1/7; (Pyramid #15)
Erebos CE 1855 TL5 with relict TL11 bio- and nanotechnology PYR 0921.1
Friedrich CE 1217 TL3 some TL8 due to Reich-5 IW124
Grimm Not Given TL4^ Fanwork
Igor-1 CE 1944 TL6+1^ Pyramid 3/63 Infinite Worlds II
Iskander-5 CE 1505 TL3 Celtic-Hellenistic Kingdoms TL(4+1) Lost Worlds 8


CE 2004 TL8 (plus variable superscience) PYR 0617; GURPS Infinite Worlds I.S.T., IST, TT97
Lenin-6 CE 1922 TL6 IW132
Lucifer-2 CE 1492 TL2 IW134
Lucifer-4 BCE 64,403,225 NA IW134
Lucifer-6 BCE 747 TL2 with magic IW134
Macedonia-Weird CE 1996 TL5 (offworld TL11^) BP1/7; (Pyramid #15)
Mandeville CE 1336 TL3/4


Marchen-1 ? TL4 to (4+1) with "magical rules" GURPS Thaumotology: Alchemical Baroque
Merlin-1 2004
(Same as ours)[2][3]
TL(7+1) magitech TTA86-123, T, IW134-135
Merlin-2 CE 2027 TL8 with magic IW135
Merlin-3 CE 1942 TL6 with magic W:WW132; IW135
Mod CE 1968 TL6+2, with some TL9 gadget Fanwork
Microworld CE 1970 Late T7 TT96,IW140
Nostradamus CE 1602 TL4 (Nazis TL8) IW138-139
Pogo CE 1950* TL6 BP1/6; (Pyramid #15)
Reich-D CE 1939 Late TL6 Fanwork
Reich-5 CE 1996; 2010s TL8 (military TL9) TT91, AE 34-51, IW57-67
Roswell-2 CE 2004? TL8 with gadgets up to TL12^ SEALS in Viet Nam p. 61, BO
Rustic CE 1882 TL4-5 TT101, IW141
Shikaku-Mon CE 2015; 2027 TL8 (aerospace and electronics TL9) AE71-89, IW146-148
Thaumata BCE 245 TL(2+7)? due to magic PYR 0303.7
Waldensia CE 1968* TL4 BP1/6; (Pyramid #15)

Quantum 4Edit

Name Local Present Technology Level Source
Andalus 1930 TL6 AET70, IW118
Azoth-2 1558 TL(3+2) IW113
Azoth-6 1903 NA IW113
Blip special TL3+ TT108, IW140
Bonaparte-3 1913 TL6 IW114
Brekilien 701 Magic IW151
Britannica-7 1141 TL4 IW116
Camelot-3 551 TL2-4 mishmash due to reality quake CA62-71, IW136
Cham 1902 TL4-5 IW111
Dixie-4 1954 TL6 AE12, IW122
Engstrom (Midgard) 1944 TL7 W:WW139-140, Lost Worlds 9-12
Falkenstein 1873 TL(5+1) with magic GURPS Castle Falkenstein;

Lost Worlds 6

Frazer's World 1957 TL(6+1) due to magic PYR 1110
Futura 1944* TL(5+1)^ PYR (Apr 14 2000)
Gotha-8 1949 TL6 Pyramid 3/20 Infinite Worlds
Jagiello-2 1821 TL5 Fanwork
Iskander-1 1260 TL4 Lost Worlds 8
Isma'il 1594 TL4 AET70, IW118
Kirby-4 1941 TL7^ Online Pyramid sample (August 25, 2006)
Lemuria-2 1930s TL6 PYR 0216
Madland  ? TL0-4 with magic FII, IW130
Mandrake-1 1933 6 to (6+2)^ GURPS Thaumatology: Age of Gold
Ottoman-3 1640 TL4 IW118
Oz  ?  ? IW74
Pele-4 200,000 BCE 0 Pyramid 3-16/17/18
Qabala 1850 TL(4+2)^[4] due to golems STM134-138, Lost Worlds 6
Reich-1 1952 TL7 AE34, IW143, W:WW19
Reich-4 1988 TL7 AE34, IW143, W:WW14
Riel 1887 TL5 FanWork
Rome-5 404 TL2 (Medicine TL5) IW145
Rome-7 180 TL(2+3) IW145
Siva-4 1866 TL5 Lost Worlds 14
Siva-6 1599 TL8 Lost Worlds 14
Snoopy  ?  ? BP1/6; (Pyramid #15)
St Paul's Russia 1910* TL6 Russia, TL5 Aztecs, TL4 Europe BP1/8; (Pyramid #15)
Taft-2 1968 7 with magic Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. 20
Trotsky 1998* TL9^ BP1/8; (Pyramid #15)
United States of Lizardia 1991 TL(0+8) TT93, IW148-149
Wyvern 1904 TL5 DR106-123, IW142

Quantum 4 NotesEdit

  • 3 unnumbered Gotha pararells[5]), not listed above.

Quantum 5Edit

Name Local Present Technology Level Source
Albany 1965* TL9^ BP1/6; (Pyramid #15)
Alexander Athanatos 21 TL2 (biotech up to late TL8) GURPS Bio-Tech 217-223
Ariane 2002 TL8 (Tibet TL4, random tribes at TL2) TT96, IW128
Armada-1 1833 TL4 IW110
Aterra-1  ? NA PYR 0203.1 under "Space Station Peregrine"
Attila 2004 TL4 (TL3 in Khanates) TT93, IW110-111
Bhuvarlok/Tecumseh 1532 TL8/9 IW32
Brasilia-1 1987 TL9 Infinite Crossroads 11 (PYR)
Britannica-1 2001 TL8 IW116
Britannica-4 1901 TL6 IW116
Camelot-1 437 TL3 CA35-61, IW136
Campbell 2004 TL6 (Military TL7) TT93, IW119
Communité  ? TL8/9 IW32
Cretaceous-4 1550 TL3 PYR (September 2, 2005)
Dai Zhongguo  ? TL8/9 IW32
Duzakh BCE 304 2 (with TL3 windmills, steel) Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror
Earth-Beta 1991; 2004[6] TL8 TT90, B526
Gallatin 2004 TL7 (Military early TL8) IW125-126
Goblin 1830 Early TL5 GB,IW151
Gothic-2 1818 5 (plus TL5^ alchemical bio-tech) Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. 10
Grishin-1 after 1991 TL7 and falling PYR 0203.1
Homeline 2027 TL8-9^ IW8-44
Homeline-2 2015 TL8^ TT84-104
Jihad-1 1881 TL4 AET70, IW118
Jihad-2 1429 TL5 AET70, IW118
Johnson-2 1980 TL7-8 PYR 1018
Johnson's Rome (Rome-2) 1206 TL4 (Medicine TL5/8) TT91, IW130-131
Jumbo  ?   BP1/6; (Pyramid #15)
Katalysator-1 1977 TL(7+1)^ Fanwork
Kirby-1 2011* TL11^ BP1/9; (Pyramid #15)
Kirby-2 2008 TL8 (plus variable superscience) Online Pyramid sample (August 25, 2006)
Kirby-3 2008 TL8^ Online Pyramid sample (August 25, 2006)
Kumari Kandam  ? TL8-9 PYR
Lenin-1 1989 TL7 (Space TL(7+1)) IW131-132
Lenin-5 1965 TL6? IW132
Lucifer-3 2004 NA IW134
Lysander  ? TL8/9 IW32
Mammut-2  ? NA IW84
Muse-1 1993 TL8 Fanwork
Nergal 1678 TL2-3 IW137-138
New Colorado  ? TL8/9 IW32
Null-Pasteur 1970* TL5 (Medicine TL4) BP1/6; (Pyramid #15)
Paradox-1 1994 TL6-7^ Fanwork
Patchwork-2 548 TL(2+1) Pyramid 3/63 Infinite Worlds II
Pope-2 1673 TL4 Fanwork
Reich-3 1970  ? AE34, W:WW10, IW143
Rome-1 954 TL3-4 AE53, IW145
Sanctuary  ? TL8/9 IW32
Sherlock-1 1910 TL6 IW13
Shikari  ? TL8 IW84
Siva-1 2004 TL 8? Lost Worlds 14
Smother  ? TL8 IW9,19
Spacenixon 1999* TL9 BP1/9; (Pyramid #15)
Superiority-1 2020 TL10 Fanwork
Sverdlovsk-1 2023 7+1 Pyramid 3/20 Infinite Worlds
Taft-6 1956 7 Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. 20
Taft-7 1952 NA IW130, Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. 20
Tebuguo  ? TL8/9 IW32
Technate 1991* TL9^ BP1/5; (Pyramid #15)
Tsarevitch 2002 TL6 (many European backwaters still TL5; individual genius prototypes as high as TL(6+3) or TL6^) Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. 24
Uhuru  ? TL8/9 IW32
Vinland 1985*  ? BP1/8; (Pyramid #15)
Yrth 2004 TL3-4/6 F3RD, IW150-151, BA
Abzu 2013 8 (Sandman has some 9) The Madness Dossier

Quantum 4 NotesEdit

  • 4 unnumbered Gotha pararells (IW128), not listed above.
  • Quantum 5 and below are unaccessible to Centrum with the noted exception of Red Moon (see Quantum Anomalies below).

Quantum 6Edit

Name Local Present Technology Level Source
Aeolus 1941 TL(5+1) AET91-108
Armada-2 1812 TL5 IW 109-110
Azoth-4 1010 China TL2^, elsewhere TL1-3 depending on location. IW 113
Azoth-5 854 TL(3+4) due to functional alchemy IW 113
Bizarro 1985 TL7 TT94
Bonaparte-1 1895 TL6 IW 114; Fanwork
Bonaparte-5 1921 TL6 IW 114
Bonaparte-6 1971 TL8 IW 114; PYR 0615.5
Britannica-2 1936 TL(5+2) IW 116
Britannica-5 1868? TL5^ "steampunk" IW116, Lost Worlds 6[7]
Britannica-6 1887 TL(5+2); common people TL5 Britannica-6
Britannica-9 2016 TL9 PYR 0721.3
Caliph 1683 TL11 (Biotech TL8) AET70-89, IW 117-118
Chaos 1994 TL9 (Computers TL10, true AIs) Fanwork
Christian China 1979* TL9^ BP1/6; (Pyramid #15)
Cyberme-1 2017 TL8^ (TL9^ in some areas) Pyramid 3/20 Infinite Worlds
Cyrano 1956 TL(5+4) (space travel, TL4^) B 312, Lost Worlds 3-4
Detente-2 after 1993 TL8 PYR 0914
Dixie-1 1993 TL8 IW 120-122
Dixie-3 1937 TL6 AE 12, IW 122
Dixie-5 1943 TL6-8 AE 12, IW 122
Dixie-6 1910 TL6 AE 12, IW 122
Equus 180 Early TL3 (Severn Valley, Fertile Crescent), TL0-2 elsewhere PYR 0421
Etheria 1890; 1891


TL(5+1) (etheric spacecraft, TL5^) STM 127-129, Lost Worlds 5-6
Ezcalli 1848 TL5 (Tenochca agronomy TL7) AE 91-106, IW123
Gotha-7 1512 4+1 Pyramid 3/20 Infinite Worlds
Guayaquil (Napoleon-8) 1837 TL5 PYR 0113.1
Hideaway  ? TL8 IW 14
Iskander-4 55 TL2 Lost Worlds 8
Kaiserreich-1 1940 TL6 PYR 0420.2
Katalysator-2 1669 TL(4+1)^ Fanwork
Khedive 1941 TL7 IW 118
La-Perouse (Lenin-7) 1920 TL6 PYR 0617
Lemuria-1  ?  ? PYR 0216
Lenin-2 2021 TL3 with pockets of TL4/7 areas IW 129
Lenin-3 2004 TL6, TL7-8 and some TL9 IW 132
Lenin-4 2027 TL8 TE, IW 132
Leinster 1964 TL6^ Fanwork
Leviathan 1812 TL5, TL(1+8) for Atlanteans IW129
Lucifer-5 1938 TL6 (power and aerospace TL6^) IW 133-134
Mermaid-1  ?  ? "Banestorming Infinity Unlimited"
Milligan 2005 TL8^ Casey and Andy 29
Molotov 1956 TL6 Fanwork
Moonstrike 1985* TL8 BP1/6; (Pyramid #15)
Neutron 1958 TL6 Fanwork
Nottingham 1244 TL3 TT95, IW 136
Orichalcum 9590 BCE TL1-2 AT 74-90, B 527, IW 140-141
Ottoman-1 1766 TL4 AET70, IW 118
Ottoman-2 1766 TL5 AET70, IW 118
Patchwork-1 428 TL3 Pyramid 3/63 Infinite Worlds II
Patchwork-4 971 TL(2+3^) Pyramid 3/63 Infinite Worlds II
Patton-2 1978 TL7 Fanwork
Pele-1 1550 TL4 Pyramid 3-16/17/18
Pele-2 1750 TL6 Pyramid 3-16/17/18
Pele-3 2000 TL9^ Pyramid 3-16/17/18
Pope-1 1673 TL4-5 Fanwork
Reich-2 1961 TL7 (aerospace TL(7+1)) AE34, IW 142-144, W:WW16
Roma Aeterna
1878 TL5 (Weapons TL6) AE53-79, IW 144-145
Roma Universalis 168 CE

921 AUC[9]

TL3^ Pyramid 3/20 Infinite Worlds
Rome-4 1741 TL6 IW 145
San Tomas 1580 TL3 IW111
Sherlock-2 1888 TL6 IW 137
Sherlock-3 1897 TL6 IW 137
Siva-2 1753 TL5 Lost Worlds 14
Siva-3 1981 TL8? Lost Worlds 14
Siva-5 1947 TL7 (biotech, TL9) Lost Worlds 13-14
Taft-1 1962 TL7 (Elder artifacts TL10^ and up) Worlds of Horror pg 20
Taft-3 1997 TL7, collapsing Worlds of Horror pg 20
Tripod 1900 TL(5+1) (Martian machines, TL(6+3)) Lost Worlds 6; GURPS 4e Horror 157-161
Turkana  ? TL8/9 IW 8, 19
Tsar-1 1919 TL6 Fanwork
United Dragon States of America 1915 TL(6+1)^ Fanwork

Quantum 6 NotesEdit

  • Details on four unnamed echoes shifted out of Quantum 6 by Centrum[10]:
    • London destroyed by atomic bomb in 1902.
    • Execution of Queen Elizabeth I in 1554.
    • Sinking of H.M.S. Beagle in 1833. Reality vanished in 1837.
    • Sabotage of Yuri Gagarin's space capsule in 1960.
  • 8 unnumbered Gotha parallels (IW128), not listed above.

Quantum 7Edit

Name Local Present Technology Level Source
Albany-1 1844 TL5 PYR 0216
Arachne 16th cent  ? IW53
Akatsuki  ? NA Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. 8
Azoth-3 1634 TL4^ IW113
Bonaparte-2 1863 TL5 IW114
Bonaparte-4 2024 TL8-9 IW11, IW113-114
Botswana-1 1880 Early TL(5+1) PYR 0502; 0926.2
Britannica-3 1984 TL8 IW115-116
Camelot-2 469 TL2 CA72-88, IW136
Canuck 1950 TL6 Fanwork

(Henry's America)

1893 Early TL6 PYR 0719
Centrum Beta 1910; 1895


TL7 TT108, IW120
Chernobyl-1 1995 7 (TL6 and lower in chaotic regions) Fanwork
Combine 2027 TL8? Lost Worlds 16
Cornwallis 1984 TL6 AET12-30, B527
Crichton  ? NA IW84
Enigma 2008 NA TT99, IW140
Eisen 1925 TL(5+1) Lost Worlds 6
Gernsback 1965 TL(6+2) (weapons, up to TL(6+3); broadcast power, TL6^) AE108-125, IW126-12
Gotha-1  ? TL2? IW128
Gotha-2 8th century TL2? IW128
Gotha-Z 1922 6 (Japan and pre-plague baseline; survivors are TL2-3, mad scientist strongholds are TL6^) Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. 6
Kaiserreich-4 1931 (6+1) (German military and androids are TL(6+3)) Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. 14
Habakkuk  ? TL8 IW14
Iskander-2 1273 TL9 B307, Lost Worlds 7-8
Iskander-3 653 TL3 Lost Worlds 8
Ketsu-go 1962 low TL7 PYR 0113.1
Krypton-1 2004 TL8 (plus variable superscience) PYR 0617; GURPS Infinite Worlds I.S.T., IST, TT97
Lemuria-4 1983 TL7 (Lemuria TL8^ or higher) PYR 0216
Lenin-8 2027 TL(7+1)^ Fanwork
Lightbend 1322 TL2 BP1/7; (Pyramid #15)
Lucifer-1 1991 TL2 TT97, IW134
Machen 1904 TL6/8 Fanwork
Midgard 1412 TL4 AET51-68, B527
Millennium 2025 TL9 (biotech, late TL9) Fanwork
Ming-3 1859 TL5 AET32-49, B527
Ottoman-4 1871 TL6 IW118
Patchwork-3 606 TL3 Pyramid 3/63 Infinite Worlds II
Rhazes-2 535 TL(4+2) PYR 0518.2
Roma Arcana (Rome-6) 258

(1011 AUC)[12]

TL2 with mythical creatures and magic F195-232, IW145
Steel 2026 TL9 B528, RS, Lost Worlds 15-16
Swedenborg-1 2008 TL8 Fanwork
Taft-4 2035 Eastern U.S. TL7, Alaska and Antarctica TL(6+3) Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. 20
Taft-5 1972 7, aerospace TL(7+2) Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. 20
Taxila 1710 Late TL4 PYR 1107.2
Teller-4 1997 TL6 Pyramid 3/20 Infinite Worlds
Tengri 1588 TL7 IW111
Zagadka 1999 TL8 with ultra-tech anomalies PYR 0730.2
  • 4 Gotha parallels[13], two unnumbered and not listed above, plus Gotha-1 and Gotha-2.
  • Centrum has shifted nine echoes to Q7[14] pg 54

Quantum 8Edit

Name Local Present Technology Level Source
Alpha (colony)  ? TL8/9 (Centrum colony) AET115; IW 51
Beta  ? TL8/9 (Centrum colony) AET115; IW 51
Centrum 2027 TL8/9 IW46-56
Centrum-2 2015 TL8/9 TT104-106, AET110-125
Gamma  ? TL8/9 (Centrum colony) ET115; IW 51
Omega  ? NA (Centrum garbage dump) IW50
Patton-3 2002 TL8 Fanwork
  • Quantum 8 and quanta above are inaccessible to Homeline.
  • Four TL6, one TL7, two TL8, five global holocausts of TL7-9 cultures.

Quantum 9Edit

  • 43 known worlds according to Centrum agents interrogated by Infinity[15].
  • No Q9 worlds have been described in official sourcebooks.
  • One Centrum colony (IW51), presumably similar to its Q8 colonies.

Quantum 10Edit

  • 52 known worlds according to Centrum agents interrogated by Infinity ("About 40" according to TT87).
  • No Q10 worlds have been described in official sourcebooks.

Quantum 11+Edit

  • Q11 and quanta above are inaccessible to Centrum.
  • No Q11 or above worlds have been described in official sourcebooks.

Quantum Anomalies Edit

Name Local Present Technology Level Source Notes
Alfheim  ? TL3+magic Lost Worlds 11; W:WW 140 One of the Nine Worlds, "deep" in a skerry "behind" Engstrom (Q4)
Boojum 1000 TL3 TT108, B545 Not on Q6 or an echo, disappears and reappears
Jotunheim 1949 TL7^ Lost Worlds 9-12, W:WW 139 One of the Nine Worlds, "deep" in a skerry "behind" Engstrom (Q4)
Möbius 1590 TL4 IW141 Q4 line, but conveyors can reach Q7 lines from here
Muspellheim 1944 TL7 (Japan has TL(6+3) and TL7^) Lost Worlds 11, W:WW 140 One of the Nine Worlds, "deep" in a skerry "behind" Engstrom (Q4)
Nidavellir  ? TL9^ Lost Worlds 11, W:WW 140 One of the Nine Worlds, "deep" in a skerry "behind" Engstrom (Q4)
Niflheim after 1920s? TL6+magic? Lost Worlds 12, W:WW 140 One of the Nine Worlds, "deep" in a skerry "behind" Engstrom (Q4)
Red Moon 1980 TL7 Pyramid 3/20 Infinite Worlds A Q5 line that is accessible to Reich-5 and Centrum; Both Centrum and Infinity equipment show it as a Q6 or Q7 line.
Reich-A (Asgard)
(former echo of Reich-2)
1954 TL7 Lost Worlds 9, W:WW 139 One of the Nine Worlds, "deep" in a skerry "behind" Engstrom (Q4)
Sheol  ? TL12^ remnants PYR 0107.3 Q5 heading to Q6
Svartalfheim  ? TL(1+8)? Lost Worlds 10, W:WW 140 One of the Nine Worlds, "deep" in a skerry "behind" Engstrom (Q4)
Vanaheim  ? "TL is hopelessly confused" but seems to be settling into TL3/4 with traded TL6/7 artifacts Lost Worlds 10, W:WW 139 One of the Nine Worlds, "deep" in a skerry "behind" Engstrom (Q4)

Note 1: 12 listed above.

Note 2: Known generally as "Deadly Settings", "Reality Vanish" or just "Vanish ", there are at least 41 parachronic coordinate settings where people or objects sent into them never return. These are assumed to be worlds where the laws of physics are sufficiently different from that of our own universe to kill visitors and/or cripple their equipment (IW141).

No Quantum Provided Edit

Name Local Present Technology Level Source
Alberich 1000 TL3 PYR 0227.8
Atlantis-3  ? TL(1+6), with TL(1+9) biotech PYR 0325.4
Atziluth  ?  ? IW69
Autoduel-1 2030-2052 TL8^ GURPS Autoduel 124
Briah  ?  ? IW69
Cabal  ?  ? IW69
Caliph-2 1601  ? Chaos
Caliph-3 1728  ? Chaos
Cayce 1968 TL7^ PYR 0608.2 (2000)
Cherokee 1930 TL6 TT 90, B 526
Clovis-3 11291 BCE TL0 PYR 1116.5
Collegio Januari Medieval Ages TL3 Infinite Wolds: Collegio Januari
Czarina 1764  ? Chaos
Drexler  ? NA B528
Gabrook  ?  ? IW150, BA21
Gemini-1  ? TL2 (Pelli), TL0 (Lar) PYR 0615.6
Gothic-1  ?  ? Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. 11
Haussman-2  ? weird IW5
Hippodrome 2027 TL8 (early TL9 energy production) PYR 0106
Holly 1989 TL8 TT 90, B526
Hyperborea-1 20th century TL3/4 PYR
Iron 1925 TL(5+1)(electronics at TL5) STM130-134
Jenner-1 1519 TL4 PYR (2004); 1022.1
Jincheng 1906 TL4 PYR March 20, 2006
Kenner  ? TL3 (Dwarves TL3+2) PYR 0407
Lemuria-7  ? TL0, Lemuria TL1 PYR 0216
Loren'dil  ?  ? IW150, BA22
Lucifer-7  ?  ? PYR 1116.1
Mammut-1 around 9700 BCE - 7900 BCE  ? IW10, 19
Mammut-3  ?  ? IW71
Melkart-2  ?  ? IW107
Menagerie-1  ? NA PYR
Mesopotamia-9 2100 BCE 1 Infinite Crossroads 15 (PYR)
Ming-1 1500 TL4 AET33
Ming-2 1708 TL4/5 AET33
Olokun  ?  ? IW150, BA22
Orgone-1 2020 TL(8+1) (Anu TL(6+4), Greys TL(2+8), Nommo TL(4+5)) PYR
Patton-1 1988 TL7? Fanwork
Patton-4 1951 TL7 Fanwork
Providence "secret history" (?) TL5 with secret TL(5+2) computers STM138-141
Ragnarok  ? NA TT 96, B528
Rex-2  ? None (TL5-9 with poachers) IW84
Rubble  ? NA TT96
Santorini-2 89 TL2+4 PYR 0927
Sereno  ?  ? IW84
Sidewise  ? TL1 to 9 PYR 0831.4
Song 1659 TL6/7 AET33
Taft-3 (Sterility) 1990s NA TT 97, B528
Two Chinas 1592  ? Chaos
Urdha 1948 TL6-7 with emerging superscience PYR 0518.6
World War 2.1 1942 TL6/7 with mature TL7 information theory W:WW137
Xia ~2000 BCE TL1 AET33
Yetzirah NA NA IW69

Note 1: 40 at last count

Note 2: All presumably within the reach of Infinity, so on Q3 to Q7

Note 3: The names of 17 Gotha parallels have not been given. There are over 18 known post-apocalyptic worlds that suffered nuclear war, and three that suffered biowarfare (B528). Most of them are not named and listed above.

Realties not formally listed as part of the Infinite Worlds settingEdit

Worlds in bold are licensed settings. Genres are in Italic.

Name Local Present Technology Level Source
23 Skidoo varies
collection of 23 worlds in a skerry
varies Best of Pyramid 2
Atomic Horror 1950s

6000 CE

TL7^ GURPS Atomic Horror
Blue Planet c 2200 Earth: TL8

Poseidon: lower TL

GURPS Blue Planet
Cliffhangers 1925-1939 (Mainly) TL6^ GURPS Cliffhangers
Conan Hyborian Age

(c 10,000 BCE)

TL2^ GURPS Conan
Deadlands July 3, 1863-1879


TL(5+2) with TL5^ innovations GURPS Deadlands: Weird West

Deadlands: Hell on Earth (2097)

Discworld NA TL6^ (Powered by) GURPS Discworld
Eternity's Rangers 3800? CE TL10; TL8+ (Port Shanghai aka Base)


TT69; IW 34
Fallout[16] 2102-2287 TL(7+2)^ Fallout
Humanx Commonwealth c 2350 - 3000 TL6^ GURPS Humanx
Hellboy 1952+ TL7^ (Powered by GURPS) Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game
Horatio Club NA NA TT 79; IW 229
Horseclans 1980-3030 TL3^ GURPS Horseclans
Illuminati University indeterminate Mostly TL8^ with prototypes up to TL12^ GURPS IOU
In Nomine present day TL7^ -9^ GURPS In Nomine
"Lantara" (country) NA TL3 (may have magic) "Caravan to Ein Arris"
Lensman 1901+ TL (6+x)^ equivalent
Uses a different TL system
GURPS Lensman
Mars late 19th century (Barsoom)

1938/1953 (War of the Worlds)

TL6^ GURPS Classic Mars
Mars Attacks 1960s? TL7^ GURPS Mars Attacks
Myth NA TL3^ GURPS Myth
New Sun distant future Commonwealth: TL4

Nessue: TL6 Autarch: TL10-11^ Exultants: TL10-11^ (can't repair them)

Order of the Hourglass 1920s TL6^ IW 212
Orge Late 21st century TL 8^ GURPS Ogre (conversion)
Riverworld Birth of Homo Sapians-2008 TL0-TL7 (Humans)

TL11^ Ethicals

GURPS Riverworld
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri 22nd Century+ TL(8+x)^ GURPS Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Solar Patrol 2056 TL(6+3) GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol
Star Trek 2260s-2380s Used TL scale from Classic GURPS

Either TL12^ or TL(7+2)^ (Transtator, TL6^; Antimatter, TL(7+3)^)

(Powered by) GURPS Prime Directive
Terradyne 2120 TL8 (TL9 items may be in development) GURPS Space: Terradyne
Time Corps

(Timepiece; Stopwatch)

2100s TL8^ GURPS TT 48; IW 212
Transhuman Space c 2100 CE TL10, nanotechnology TL11 GURPS Transhuman Space
Traveler c 2170 CE - c 5970 CE TL8+^ Traveler; GURPS Traveler; GURPS Traveler: Interstellar Wars (c 2170)
Vorkosiverse (Powered by) GURPS Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game
Wild Cards 1946-2015 TL8^ GURPS Wild Cards

Worlds of...Edit

Many of the genre/settings books have suggestions for alternate histories. These have been grouped into the "Worlds of ..." category.

Collections of fanmade worldsEdit

Fanmade worlds with at least for of the following sections: Current Affairs, Divergence Point, Major Civilizations, Great Powers, Worldline Data (TL, Quantum, and Mana Level)

Alternate History Works/IdeasEdit

YouTube VideosEdit


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